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Comment Re:Climatologists Agree (Score 1) 744

And it's been shown, step by step.

1) CO2 is a greenhouse gas
2) The concentration of atmospheric CO2 is measurable
3) The emission of CO2 is estimatable
4) The increase of CO2 is measurable, and correlates with 3)
5) The effects (increased global temperature, ocean acidification) are measurable

Your turn.

Comment Re:Just what WVa needs, a new variety of crazy (Score 2) 627

I worked there one summer, and what surprised me, is that only diesel cars are allowed on site, because spark plugs cause interference.

They keep a fleet of old diesels, originally bought in the 1950s. It gives the whole place a serious retro vibe. That and the fact that every morning I could set my mickey mouse watch to one of several atomic clocks made it a pretty cool place to work.

Comment Re:Oh? (Score 0) 518

And yet sales of these gadgets that millions of people can't afford, are way up. The rich are doing great in this economy, in fact better than ever. Tax cuts for the rich are working - for the rich.

Comment Re:CFL are no savings (Score 3, Informative) 990

That's called living in a free market society. There was a time in China when you could only buy one kind of bicycle, and you didn't have to shop around at all. Workers' paradise, right?

Plus, there's this new thing called the Internet, which can be used to find the best deal/bulb/widget/pron to suit your needs.

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