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Comment Re:Proof that Google has fanboys too. (Score 2, Insightful) 490

The iPhone meanwhile does not have a standard screen resolution (retina display, hello!),

From a developer's point of view (which is really what matters here), the screen does have the same amount of points. It's just that on the iPhone 4, 1 pt = 2 px. Thus, apps designed for earlier iPhones behave well on the new display.

Comment Re:What about Flash games and other stuff? (Score 1) 328

it still lacks functions which have existed in Flash for what seems like eons, such as dynamic bitrates (connection quality goes down, the amount of data sent to you goes down to compensate), and real-time seeking (ever want to skip around in a long video before the whole thing has loaded?).

Just wanted to mention there's Live HTTP Streaming: , which does both of those things.

It only works on OS X Snow Leopard and iPhone so far, but it's a start. :-)


How Easy Is It To Cheat In CS? 684

Pinky3 writes "The New York Times has an article on cheating in CS at Stanford. Here is a classic quote from one student: 'I wasn't even thinking of how it [sic] easy it would for me to be caught,' he said. One interesting strategy discussed is for the professor to make the final count for more of the final grade each time cheating is discovered. Share your experiences as a student and/or as an instructor."
The Internet

Is Google Planning To Fibre Britain? 184

Barence writes with this excerpt from PC Pro: "Google has emerged as a surprise contender to invest in Britain's fibre broadband network. The search giant yesterday announced plans to build a gigabit fibre broadband network in the US. The test network will see Google deliver fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) connections to up to half a million US homes. The move raises the possibility that Google is behind the Conservative Party's ambitious plans to deliver nationwide 100Mbits/sec connections by 2017. Parliamentary sources have told PC Pro that the Tories' plans were based on foreign investment in the UK broadband network."

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