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Comment Re:Bad comparison to gay marriage (Score 1) 410

Gay marriage is about equal rights. I do not dispute that marriage bestows rights above an beyond unmarried individuals and I would not be opposed to abolishing marriage as a government construct; however this is a non-starter. Denying individuals the ability to participate in this institution simply because of sexual preference is discrimination. Consenting adults should have the right to enter into any contract, regardless of gender.

Comment Re:I blame Microsoft (Score 1) 306

I know this is Slashdot and I'll probably get modded down for this, but I'll say it anyway. Your impression of Microsoft products being a "click, click mindset" simply shows that you do not understand the more sophisticated and efficient ways of using their products. Powershell is an extremely capable scripting language, in fact the GUI for Windows Server is now optional. Being a competent IT professional is about recognizing the right tool for the job, not blindly preferring one technology over another. The is a reason that Windows is so prevalent in the corporate world. "Real IT engineering/sysadmin work" most definitely includes being a competent widows system administrator. The problem is that most people calling themselves windows sysadmins are anything but competent.

Comment Re:401k (Score 1) 467

Ummm.... 401k is pre-tax and if you have an employer match, you are essentially getting a raise. Your frugal lifestyle could still exist if you had a 401k. If you are saving money, and qualify, you should be putting the money into a ROTH IRA if you're just saving it post-tax anyway. You can withdraw up to the amount you contributed at any time with no penalty and you pay no tax on the interest and the money is tax free when it is taken out. Hoarding cash in a bank account or under your bed really causes you to lose money or time due to inflation.

Comment Re:Not as good a field of view (Score 3, Informative) 496

This is exactly what I was thinking. A mirror provides both eyes with information, allowing you to gauge depth easily. Depth sensors etc could be used to provide some additional cues, but it is tough to be replace the usefulness of true binocular vision. While my backup camera is great, it definitely is not a replacement for my rearview mirror for this reason.

Comment Re:same as booze being illegal in saudi arabia (Score 1) 221

LSD has not been shown to be neurotoxic at recreational doses. Please cite your source or stop spreading bogus information backed up by nothing more than our opinion. Many people credit the substance with creative inspiration that allowed them to solve incredibly complex problems. LSD may have aided in the discovery of the structure of DNA.

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