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NASA Tests Flying Airbag 118

coondoggie writes "NASA is looking to reduce the deadly impact of helicopter crashes on their pilots and passengers with what the agency calls a high-tech honeycomb airbag known as a deployable energy absorber. So in order to test out its technology NASA dropped a small helicopter from a height of 35 feet to see whether its deployable energy absorber, made up of an expandable honeycomb cushion, could handle the stress. The test crash hit the ground at about 54MPH at a 33 degree angle, what NASA called a relatively severe helicopter crash."

Comment Re:turn tables (Score 1) 674

Did you even read the article you linked to? I quote (from your linked article):

Now, some of Spider's code (possibly all of it) was based on the TCP/IP stack in the BSD flavors of Unix. These are open source, but distributed under the BSD license, not the GPL that Linux is released under. Whereas the GPL states that any software derived from GPL'ed software must also be released under the GPL, the BSD license basically says, "here's the source, you can do whatever you want, just give credit to the original author."


However, it looks like some of those Unix utilities were never rewritten. If you look at the executables, you can still see the copyright notice from the regents of the University of California


And the software was licensed perfectly legally, since the inclusion of the copyright notice satisfied the BSD license.

Why would they include the original copyright if they weren't using the code?
It's true that MS's use of BSD code was perfectly legal, and it's completely unfair to say MS "stole" it. However, the point remains. MS still uses code from BSD (which has ALWAYS been Open Source, just not GPL - the BSD license is an Open Source license) for it's Unix services, FTP, and a few other purposes. Nothing wrong with that, but that's not the point.

Comment Re:"Sells software"? Microsoft Partner! (Score 5, Informative) 281

The "press release" by Fortify for this claims that Larry Suto performed the test. He has a reputation for faulty, perhaps even fraudulent, testing methods. He also only tested 11 specific Java apps (and Fortify sells "audited" versions of those apps). The tests were performed using Fortify's software, no other testing software was used. So the accuracy of this test relies on the accuracy of Fortify's software, which hasn't been independently tested as far as I can tell. The press release also mentions findings by the Forrester Group, who are well known for a history of spreading inaccurate FUD about non-MS software.

Comment Re:Genesis 1:11-12, Special Receptors in the body (Score 1) 807

So, I guess you're one of those fools who bought into the "any marijuana use is automatically abuse" propoganda? The same has been said about alcohol. Yet the case of alcohol, the bible specifically endorses it's use. Nothing in the bible indicates marijuana is any different. The message the bible gives is one of moderation - not abstinence. Moderate marijuana use is not abuse. Smoking until you can't get the lighter aligned with the bowl, all day, everyday, is abuse. The fact is, the vast majority of marijuana users use it in moderation. The abusers are just much more obvious.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Let's not forget that the hemp flax breaking machine (which revolutionized hemp production the same way Whitney's Cotton Gin did the cotton industry) was also patented in 1937, making hemp much more economically viable than it was previously, much more so than wood pulp or petro-plastics.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Statistically, over 60% of all Americans over the age of 18 have used marijuana at least once. In almost every state that has had a legalization referendum it has passed. The reason politicians haven't made a platform on legalization are two-fold:

1. It doesn't have a big enough impact. People are far more concerned about the economy, terrorism, etc, and being pro-marijuana won't provide a significant increase in votes.

2. Running for office is expensive, and politicians depend on donations from Oil and Pharma companies. These companies have a vested interest in keeping marijuana illegal, and aren't going to donate money to anyone who comes out in favor of legalization.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Your supposition is erroneous. There is no evidence that marijuana use causes mental disorders, but there is a lot of evidence that people who have mental disorders are more likely to use drugs. In other words, the pot didn't make them crazy - they were already crazy and smoked pot in an attempt to self-medicate the problem. Numerous studies have shown that marijuana can mitigate the effects of a variety of mental disorders, so the pot probably kept them out of the nuthouse longer than they would have without it. http://www.drugpolicy.org/marijuana/factsmyths/

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

When I was growing up there was a guy who routinely drove home drunk, about a 10 mile trip. He drove slowly, and would pull over and stop whenever he saw a car coming in either direction. The cops just ignored it, he was no danger to anyone. Mind you, this is a small rural community - that wouldn't fly anywhere there was more traffic. Of course, things are different now, and there's no way he'd get away with it.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Many people are convicted of OWI (or DUI, whatever your state calls it) without a breath/blood test. Failure to pass a "roadside sobriety" test IS admissible in court. Most cops these days have been trained on the Horizontal Astigmatism Test (that's the one where the cop says "hold your head straight and follow my pen/finger/flashlight with your eyes). The HAT can detect a wide variety of drugs, legal and otherwise, and even show which type of drug you are on. When performed by a trained officer, and video taped, this is admissible in every state. Currently, in most areas, simply having marijuana and a means to smoke it (a pipe, papers, etc) in the vehicle is sufficient to garner a conviction.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

Every point in your argument except the first points out that "it has been suggested" but no-one has every been able to prove any of it with any - even purely statistical - evidence. Who's suggesting these things? Your article doesn't say. I'll make a suggestion myself - these OPINIONS are "suggested" by the people who sponsored the study and want marijuana to remain illegal. With as much money as the government and pharma companies have put into proving marijuana is hazardous, if those dangers actually existed they would have been proven. There have been many studies showing marijuana can be used in effective treatment regimes to help treat Bi-Polar disorder, schizophrenia, some forms of autism, ADHD, and quite a few other mental disorders. There has never been ANY evidence that marijuana use alone causes any of the disorders you listed. Here's a clue - when a study says "it has been suggested" it means "this is what our sponsors wanted us to prove, but our findings didn't substantiate that whatsoever." Also, some of the commonly prescribed medications for those disorders have adverse interactions with marijuana, and using them together is worse than using nothing at all. Many of the studies that claim marijuana is detrimental are conducted with patients using those medications also, in conjunction with marijuana, but only marijuana is listed as a cause for the adverse reaction. My primary source for this is my housemate, a degreed pharmacologist. A simple google search will turn up a plethora of sources that verify the rest of the information I've provided.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

It could be that the guy was just a slacker/idiot, and marijuana had nothing to do with it. You have absolutely no way of knowing if him being stoned was the cause of the problem, or just another symptom. That being said, in my experience, excessive consumption and intoxication at work can cause problems at work. However, the vast majority of users don't smoke to that level of excess, especially before/at work. Excessive use of caffeine can cause just as many serious work problems, and many people routinely get wired before and at work.

Comment Re:Oh, I agree (Score 1) 807

There is no state (in the USA) where it is legal to grow or manufacture hemp. Even manufacturing with raw hemp is illegal. While hemp goods (clothing, paper, twine for hippie jewelry, etc) are legal, they are manufactured outside the US, and imported as "finished products". Even if a particular state legalizes hemp production (or medical marijuana) it still violates Federal statutes, and the feds have repeatedly shown that they WILL prosecute. Licensed medical marijuana repositories in CA are routinely raided, and staff arrested and prosecuted.

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