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Comment Re:so what? (Score 1) 812

In a country where the constitution was deliberately crafted around the idea of protecting AFFLUENT CAUCASIAN MALE citizens from governmental abuse and seeking to empower the AFFLUENT CAUCASIAN MALE citizens with means to call their government on any and all abuse.

I think you forgot something...

Yes, this shouldn't have happened and was wrong, but I've only got so much outrage to go around. If he can afford to buy a boat, I'm sure he has an attorney. He's a big boy, he'll figure it out.

Comment Re:Quit promoting it when it doesn't work (Score -1, Redundant) 205

Got a better idea, bozo?

I do actually. Try this:

-Removing harmful pesticides from our food chain
-Removing chemicals from our water supply
-Remove things like petroleum-derived food coloring and other bullshit from our food
-Cut back on the excessive use of processed sugars and grains from our diets
-Exercise regularly

Collectively, our immune systems are shitty because we feed ourselves with shitty fuel and then wonder why we're all sick and crazy. A healthy body means a healthy immune system which means less sickness of ALL TYPES.

You want to avoid the flu? Keep your body healthy and wash your hands. Millions of years of evolution are more effective than a buch of vaccines made from questionable materials, under questionable manufacturing circumstances, and being monitored by a government agency that was probably bought and sold to the pharmaceutical industry decades ago.

Our, you know, continue to throw money at big pharma and have another double cheeseburger and a Coke. I'm sure they and their lobbyists have your best interest in mind.

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 3, Interesting) 1313

Don't you realize that if an economy were managed in such a way you effectively create huge disincentive for people to become doctors? Some still will, but many will look at Easy Path A compared to Hard Path B, see they achieve the same result, and thus choose A.

Although I agree mostly, I have to say that I feel we'd all be better served if the doctors in our society we more likely to be people interested in healing rather than people who are interested in fancy cars and social prestige.

Comment Re:I don't get it. (Score 5, Insightful) 1313

I think the issue is when you feel that you deserve to work a couple hours a day (or week) and get paid more than other people who work for 10s of hours a week (or day) and be paid the same amount.

I own a business. I'm in the business of selling my labor. Therefore, I'm going to maximize MY profits. That means getting paid as much as I can for as little work as possible. If business owners shouldn't be stigmatized for being greedy assholes, then workers shouldn't be stigmatized for being lazy assholes.

This double standard has to go.

Comment Re:I doubt it (Score 1) 393

I felt the exact same way until I had to sit through a twenty minute update and DLC install before I could start shooting at my buddies. Consoles seem to be heading in the same direction.

Because of this, I've given up on desktop gaming and only play games on either my laptop or my phone/tablet. If I can't play it on one of those, then I won't be bothered wasting any more of my life on these people who don't appreciate my money anyway.

Comment Re:appstore model will not work (Score 4, Insightful) 245

I disagree. I think most of their arcade games are "shitty" as it is. Plus why should I pay $15 for a title on my xbox when I can get the same game cheaper on four other platforms for less? PLUS, it doesn't cost me $5 a month to take full advantage of my iPad.

A more open and competitively priced market is exactly the thing that would bring me back, but Windows 8 had proven that they have other plans.

Comment Re:look at the numbers (Score 4, Insightful) 72


You don't have the "right" to make a living off of your artistic endeavors anymore than I have the "right" to make a living from making paper airplanes, having sex with college girls, or selling snowcones. You, like anyone else have the right to make as much money as you can, in any way you like, as long as you don't:

a) break the law
b) piss people off enough that they kill you

That's IT.

It's fine to complain about not getting paid appropriately for your work, but this sense of "artistic entitlement" needs to GO. If you can't hack it trying to support yourself doing what you love, either fix it, or suck it up like EVERYONE ELSE ON THE PLANET and do something different.

You are not entitled to make a comfortable living off of your art.

And as for "professionalism" argument, if you call all the bullshit I see on the Grammy's and hear on the radio "professional", then you can keep your professional works and their "150 years after the death of the artist" or whatever ridiculous length has been bought and paid for by the media companies.

You want to fix artists not being compensated appropriately? Band together and get rid of organizations like the MPAA and the RIAA, because they represent "artists" and they're making "artists" look like a bunch of greedy assholes. And why would anyone care if they aren't compensating a bunch of greedy assholes?

Now get of my lawn! I've got to go to WORK. Because not all of us are FORTUNATE enough to be able to feed our kids by farting the tune for "Old McDonald had a Farm" into a cup or selling macaroni portraits of Che Guverra.

Comment Re:Always on = !on (Score 2) 592

"who are these people without reliable internet"

We're called "Comcast Subscribers" and we live in the United States of America. :/

"It would be unrealistic and unnecessary to have a constant internet connection the entire time you are using the device."

Not necessarily. Once you hack an Xbox 360, you have to be really particular about when and how you connect it to the network. If you REQUIRE the console to always be connected to the Live network, it limits the amount of ways you can compromise the system and gives MS constant access to the hardware kill switch that I'm almost certain will be implemented.

Comment "Buddy Network" (Score 1) 347

I'm assuming that your company has an attorney? This is the point where they need to lean heavily on their social contacts to find someone who specializes in either:
a) Patents
b) Tech
c) Both (preferably)

Otherwise, I'd ask as many competent people that you know/trust to go through their rolodexes for "friends of friends". As a last resort, I guess you could visit some of the places where prominent opensource folk hang out. Hell, amazing things have happened on Reddit, so see if you can get some traction there as well.

Whatever you do, DON'T JUST IGNORE IT. It is my understanding that if you don't show up to defend yourself, you can get a default judgement against you even if the claims are complete bullshit.

Good luck!

Comment Re:Brotherly Opinions (Score 1) 284

This, but also, honestly, I'm tired of being fragmented to death as well, and I'm really afraid of that with the OUYA. You know what's nice?

Humble Bundles that let me pay for a game that I can play on my Linux box...
and my Mac...
and a Windows machine...
and an Android device.

Not quite as nice is me buying a game ONCE in the Play store and then being able to play it on all my Android devices. And possibly the desktop here soon via the Chrome browser or Android X86.

I'm all in for gaming on Android as a general purpose system, but I'll be damned if I'm going to buy ANY game more than once ever again. If OUYA could find a way to let me play (even a subset of my) Play store games, then I'm on-board 100%. Otherwise, I'm sicking to my android phone, my MHL adapter, and my SixAxis gamepad.

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