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Comment It's a lifestyle you must be willing to adapt (Score 1) 635

I get a kick out of all my co-workers with the "Oh, I gotta start eating healthier/exercising...." line but 98% of them never do anything about it except talk the talk.

I'm fortunate enough to only live 2.5 km from work, so I walk back and forth everyday. This only burns about 250 calories but the biggest thing is my diet. I work on a 2000 calorie diet (exercise incl) and it maintains my weight around 132ish. I'm 5'6" and not a 'big' guy to begin with but after leaving the military, 2 years later I was up to 148 lbs and had a 'gut'.

I use to go to the gym at lunch but my 42 yr old body started to reject this to no fault of my own. I couldn't learn to take it easy and pushed myself too far. I would really like to be more active but have accepted I am getting older and being able to just maintain my current weight with little exercise and diet will have to suffice.

Weekends are 'my' time and I eat/drink what I want; its the only way to keep up with this life style without going crazy :-)

Comment Truecrypt, Wuala, Dropbox, External HD (Score 1) 414

I use a variety of uses to backup my files. First off, it's only about 140GB compressed but I limit it to Bly "important" files and even that could be trimmed down.

My setup:

Linux box with 1 TB, encrypted HD for my data. 1 TB external HD, encrypted for weekly backups using rsync. Dropbox in encrypted container for a small selected amount of not overly personal data. I'll never drop personal data in Dropbox because access to my encryption key is available by the company. Small backup goes to Wuala. Slightly more personal data than Dropbox but nowhere near the bulk. I also have an issue of upload speed (650 Kb) and 60G cap. Every 6 months I backup (update) photos to DVDs and but in lock box and also keep set at work locked away. Finally, every year I travel to the parents place for vacation and make copy of external HD to keep at there place.

It's a bit of work to keep on top of but it becomes routine.

How many ppl actually restore these backups? Too many times ive seen backups go bad because they were never checked. I randomly do a full restore 2-3/year.

Comment Wow, not to be confused with WoW (Score 1) 1127

Surely there must be more to it than that? We had a guy busted for downloading Child Porn at work. He was monitored for months and charged. Seized his home and work computers. After all said and done he only got 14 days (Military)!

I am not an officer only work for them so didn't any of the procedure/court hearings but when I found out I was shaking my head in disbelief.

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