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Comment Re:Good luck with that fair trial thing (Score 1) 995

Interesting take. If that is so, why didn't Marin call the police for help? Maybe some hints in the bottom half of this?

Maybe because he was on the phone with someone already (his girlfriend) at the time, and thought he had better chances to run than to call the police that may show up in 15 minutes, when its too late?

Comment Re:You asked for it! (Score 1) 371

I guess for that to happen, you would need a story about a prediction from 30 years ago that turned out to be wrong. And guess what, then everyone would say that's redundant because there were thousands of those from that year. Now, wouldn't it be interesting if both those studies were done by the same people/institute/method/etc?

Comment Re:About 2 years ago (Score 1) 396

Phones used to be there to call people. For that, you need a network. If people don't know anyone else on the network, many will not even consider it.

Now, if you would market it as a "mobile internet service that can also make some phone calls" - I think it would work today. Maybe 2 years ago was still too early - iPhone was only with AT&T, and Android was not wide spread yet.

It sounds like you had a good idea, but your timing was just a bit too early.

Comment Re:rename "Airplane mode" "Shopping mode" (Score 1) 236

So they have your picture from camera, they can see how you walk and move from video, they know your car's license plate, they know which shops you go to, when and where you pay (via your phone), and if you pay with credit card, they know who you are as well. Who cares if this is PII or not? A marketer has everything they need. Example: "Oh wow, it looks like this person is a shopaholic, they are spending money like crazy! Let's toe their car to the other side of the mall so that they spent more time here!" Next thing you know, the shops sales team will start running after you on the parking lot...

Comment Re:The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. (Score 1) 236

What do you think happens when you pay with your credit card? Or when you pull onto the parking lot with your car's license plate on camera? Oh, if they are not sure which one of those family members it is, then just ring the biggest suspect's phone, and see if they pick up - simple!

Comment Re:Advertising on a competitor's name (Score 2) 38

There is a difference between a key word that triggers an add, and the text in the ad. It's not (and shouldn't) be admissible to use competitor's registered trade names in advertisements in order to deceive a consumer. Google provides a way to protect registered trade names in ad text. However, Google also provides a way to dynamically insert search terms into the ad text. It's this situation where a competitor's trade name was placed in an ad text by Google - and hence the lawsuit.

Simple solution: Registered trade names (via the method Google already has) cannot be substituted dynamically into ad text. Or: If a registered trade name is in the keywords, then the option for keyword insertion is disabled for that ad group's ad texts.

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