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Comment Does spam realy pay?? (Score 2, Interesting) 416

I have read like 1000 posts on /. about spam. All of you so far, at least the comments I've read, seem to think that spam pays. Why? I mean, it will all be very simple if the guy that sells the spam is the one that sells the goods. But is this really the case?
I mean, to me, it seems that only really dumb people will answer to spam. And by realy dumb, I mean, complete retards. Most of the spam I get here is in Russian, and I don't even know the letters. I am thinking that, maybe the guys doing the spam are really getting paid by the guys selling the product. I mean, you go to some business, and say: "hey you want some cheap advertising? It may be illegal!". The other guy pays and it's all over. The spammer can eventually fake some clicks, it's not like his business is legal to start with!
Well, if anybody has some insight I will be happy to find out more, for my intellectual pleasure!

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