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Comment Just stop going to concerts (Score 1) 698

After several years of concert-going it finally sunk in that that sound quality in my local arena was terrible and that most performances had turned into special effects demonstrations rather than focusing on the music. I've simply quit going. There are small, intimate concert spaces in my area with only 1500 seats. Occasionally some good performers come to these like Louis Black, Cyndi Lauper, and BB King. That's just's worth the money for a personal experience. Sitting in the local hocky arena, in contrast, is an awful experience: sound distortion, bad views, ridiculously narrow seats, security body searches upon entry, insultingly high drink prices... Consumers need to savvy-up and reject these massive high-priced concerts as a bad value. If Madonna starts performing to half-filled arenas, she'll lower her prices. Damn, she's greedy!

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