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Comment Re:Who cares (Score 1) 117

How would you feel if I asked you if I could run Ubuntu on Windows 10? I could but why?

Uuuh, you do realize that Microsoft enables Ubuntu to be run in-process in Windows 10? It's called "Windows Subsystem for Linux."

As to "why", it's because lots of open-source tools are designed to only run on Linux, and Microsoft wanted to make those tools available to Windows users too.

Comment Re:Probably a minor oversight. Will likely be fixe (Score 1) 236

Microsoft has actually done a good job with Visual Studio Code. It's a lot better to use than, say, Atom or EMACS. It has some great plugins, they're easy to install, and overall it provides a good compromise between a plain text editor and a full-featured IDE.

All joking aside, I will say that I quite agree with this statement. It's quickly becoming my go-to coding editor. Finally having a good experience that's the same on Linux and Windows is huge for me.

I just hope that the Git visualization support (history, blame, diffs etc) gets better, either in the core product or via plugins. Nothing on Linux has come close to the speed, ease of use, and feature set of TortoiseGit for me. All the existing plugins seem to want to render the log history as a single list, as opposed to a graph tree showing merges etc.

Comment 60 FPS is the minimum these days (Score 5, Funny) 236

Well I would hope that a modern IDE released in 2017 would have 60 FPS! I also have the 4K cursor, HDR cursor, 3D cursor, Retina cursor, and VR cursor plugins all enabled, but I realize that may be overkill for some people. As soon as I get my new water cooling rig set up it'll be buttery smooooth.

Comment Re:MS Linux ??? (Score 2) 213

Wait a second.
MS just invented an efficient way to checkout the Linux kernel on windows, so you can get the kernel sources, compile it, and then run Linux and ditch Windows ?
That's great !!

Seeing as how the only purpose of IE/Edge is to download Chrome/Firefox, I guess they figured that was the next logical step...

Comment Re:This is how it starts (Score 1) 106

And worst of all, there is no UI for finding and disabling stealth plug-ins that get installed by other apps.

Or, considering that Chrome's chief of security recently said that antivirus software is "my single biggest impediment to shipping a secure browser," maybe Chrome is going to get rid of the ability for other apps to install stealth plug-ins at all.

Considering they have at least tried to make the presence of such plug-ins more transparent in the past, I'm optimistic that's indeed their plan.

Comment Re:underlines! (Score 1) 202

I've been using Linux exclusively for about 13 years. To me, 2003 was the year of the Linux desktop, and then every year since then.

Just because it hasn't achieved the popularity of Windows or OSX, doesn't mean it isn't just as capable (I've used a MacBook Pro for 4 years at work, and I still haven't been persuaded to make the switch at home). I installed it on my mother's ageing laptop a few years ago, and she's been pretty happy using it since then.

I completely agree; my remark was just poking fun at the headline which for some reason decided that "drawing underlines" was one of the top features of Wine 2.0.

And yeah, I got fed up troubleshooting my Dad's desktop with Windows, and talked him into buying a System 76 "nettop" with Ubuntu. He's been using it ever since and my support calls have dropped to near zero.

Comment headline (Score 1) 290

"Commodore C64 Survives Over 25 Years Balancing Drive Shafts In Auto Repair Shop"

I completely misunderstood this headline and thought it was literally balancing drive shafts, as in they were missing a cinder block that day, stuck a C64 under them instead, and they'd been sitting like that in the back for 25 years.

Still impressive I guess :)

Comment Re:This will never take off since it is closed... (Score 1) 85

Hear, hear.

Now, if they did this with DisplayPort, that'd be a different story, since it's (last time I checked) royalty-free.

I apologize in advance if this was a joke and the subtle humor eluded me (I'm not familiar w/ DP licensing) but DisplayPort has supported USB-C Alt Mode for quite a while already. Many laptops with USB-C connectors, such as recent MacBooks and the 2015 Dell XPS 13/15 models support it.

Comment Re:Humans? Who needs 'em? (Score 1) 58

Greatly disappointed by the lack of humorous or insightful comments, but maybe they exist without visibility or sufficient positive moderation.

You may not realize this, but 90% of Slashdot stories and 98% of commenters have now been replaced by AI. Humor & insight will come along in future versions.

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