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Comment Re:Cost? (Score -1, Redundant) 191

They should look into saving money (and being more environmentally friendly) by shipping more than 300 gallons per day. What if Tesla developed something that could hold gasoline that was not yet in use for an extended period of time? Sort of like their Powerpack, but for fossil fuels.

Comment Re:Disappointed but not surprised (Score 1) 2837

And if you were one of those idealists who would only vote for Bernie, remember that idealism is an extremism as dangerous as any other, because it ends in letting the world burn because you won't settle for second best.

I'm one of those "idealists". But I don't view Hillary as "second best".

In my opinion, this loss should send a clear message to the DNC that we're fed up with anti-middle/working class corporatists running the country. Not that we want Trump, but that we don't want to be forced to choose between "complete shit, featuring some alignment with with my social views" and "complete shit, featuring less alignment with my social views".

So with any luck, and I'm still not incredibly hopeful, we'll get a Democratic candidate in 2020 who actually gives a shit about more than just pandering to a few specific demographics because they feel they have all of us "educated white folk" in the bag already. And preferably one that doesn't come in feeling like they deserve the position just because it's their turn.

I'm very unhappy with a Trump presidency. I'm also happy that the DNC failed in pushing Hillary down our throats. It sucks all around.

Comment Re:Professional (anything) requires spectators (Score 1) 64

League of Legends has been adding new champions consistently from 40 in 2009 to 133 today. That's a LOT of changes, and they've been quite successful. I don't play LoL anymore, but the games are still "okay" to watch. I wouldn't go out of my way. Same with CS:GO. Overwatch I'm actively playing, Diamond ranked, and I can't stand watching games. It's *too* chaotic, there's too much to watch and a caster can never get the full picture.

Comment Re:Because (Score 2, Interesting) 116

And we trust Facebook even more than Origin and UPlay! Only thing I'm worried about - does Facebook have enough clout to get real 'exclusives'? The only reason Origin has traction is because of exclusives (Mass Effect, Battlefield games, etc) and UPlay used to force install with games bought on Steam (I think I had to have it installed to play Driver). EA/Origin also produce the games themselves, so they have a lot more clout in restricting them to certain delivery platforms.

Comment Re:Pushback (Score 2) 275

You need a third party program just to get a normal start button back. The one that is default (I don't know if it came with 10, or that upgrade to 10 they released a while back that added the "Linux shell") is CLOSE and much better than the Windows 8 bullshit, but the search (Win+R and type program name, how I open most of my programs) is ridiculously slow. The third party option - Classic Shell - is way better, but it's still a third party app that I doubt most businesses are going to roll out for their employees.

That said, Windows 10 is pretty much "fine" for the average user who doesn't care about privacy. Facebook works. Youtube works. Office works.

That's the problem though, there is no discernable advantage *at all* to the average user. Shit, I'm a power user, and the nicest thing about it is the "Linux shell", but I'd rather just run VMs anyway. I'd go back to Windows 7 happily but I just don't care enough.

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