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Comment Go to NewSQL (Score 1) 287

From what I can see in the market, the most interesting would be either VoltDB(H-Store is open) or NuoDB (closed). But after reading the initial paper on Hana (SAP), I could definitely see the purpose of a database with elastic capabilities NuoDB with the database engines from both H-Store (Relational in-memory), C-Store (Column disk) and an object/document storage. Right now everybody is installing three different types databases in their environment, because each are the most performant for their type of application. It's a great technology landscape however, very exciting to follow.

Comment Kingston 32GB (Score 1) 347

I was in India/Delhi in the summer and was in need of a thumb drive, so brought a '32GB Kingston' with the proper emballage as seen before. These guys made the same trick with the FAT table, just a 64MB flash drive formatted as 32GB. It also just kept working as a /dev/null source whenever you wrote somewith beyond 64MB. I should've known better and it was dirt cheap - but fun experience figuring out the hack they made. :)

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