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Comment Re:Amazon provides a service (Score 2) 218

This analogy misses out on a key piece of what Amazon is doing. A more accurate analogy along similar lines would be a restaurant advertising Coca Cola and then offering customers that finally came in a Pepsi right now, or a Coca Cola in an inordinately long amount of time later. I don't know what amount of searches start at Amazon or book PLAs point to Amazon but I would bet it is pretty high which makes this behaviour all the more repulsive to me.

Comment Re:Poor estimation (Score 1) 191

And to rebut this with my own anecdotal evidence, I use wolf almost exclusively for plinking due to price. I have never had a misfire or jam with this stuff even after shooting over 1000 rounds in a day. Its dirty as hell and cleaning up my fire arms is always worse than when firing good ammo, but saying that wolf Jams anything isn't true. My Sig 556 will even cycle the lacquered crap they sell for like 10 cents a round. My XDm eats it just fine. The Saiga and WASR were designed for it obviously so no surprises that they like it either.

Comment Rehash (Score 2, Informative) 238

This sounds like the University of Virgina is just regurgitating information published by Michael Briggs of the University of New Hampshire. This isn't really a new idea nor a new recommendation. It is sad that it is at least 6 years old and it is being treated as new information though.

Comment Re:Exactly, this ain't that hard (Score 2, Insightful) 502

Your recommendations are great recommendations! My only problem with it as applied to Terry Childs is that they totally ignores his situation!

Go to the boss, the highest you can barge in on, hand him in writing your objections and the passwords AND your resignation. Have them signed and don't look back.

Care explaining how you do that while you are in custody at the police station?

NEVER EVER try to be clever within the system, you cannot win.

I totally agree with you. Absolutely do not violate policy on handing out root passwords by, let us say, giving them out to people over the phone, on speaker phone, in a room full of unauthorized people listening.

Always do this especially when working with government or semi-government (Huge companies that either were once state run, work mostly for the state, are run by ex-state people or because of their size have become ministates. You know the type, where people were ties, even when they are not.

Good point. Don't work for a company that is going to put you in a situation that you can't win if you do, can't win if you don't. It makes you the easiest target to become the person to take the fall. But then, if that happened, we would only have stupid people applying for public service jobs such as Mr. Child's. Is that really what we want?

This guy tried to be clever. It never works, you are never clever enough and the system knows how to deal with clever. Instead be smart, get out.

Once again don't work for that kind of system if this is always the case. And for a second time, he didn't have the option you are saying he had.

This guy really should have just done as said above. Hand it off and get the fuck out of the way.

Okay lets get serious for a second. This attitude of not rocking the boat is exactly what allows these sorts of 'systems' to become what they are. I guess we could all run away, ignore the glaring problems and move on to leave them to someone else. And as we all do that they will get worse and worse. Instead, I propose dealing with the problems. For example, if you are put in a position where people are abusing their authority to try and force you to do something that could cause harm to, lets say for example, a whole city, you should stand up against that. I hope that Mr. Childs wins this case and wins damages that are large enough that the whole tax base pays attention to what happened here and demands that heads roll and that these sorts of 'systems' are dismantled. I don't see how else to stop these sorts of 'systems' to become the norm when the common attitude seems to be to bury your head in the sand and move on when there is a problem.

There is good money to be made in this segment of the market, but only for those who can play the game and the first rule of the game is, don't get into the game if you don't know the rules.

I'm sorry I didn't realize that government was a game. I take it all back. Since it is all a game I guess it is perfectly okay to make 'good money' and ignore the problems inherent in the IT department of Frisco! I mean its a game! Tax payer money and public employee competence doesn't matter! What was I thinking!?!?

Comment Re:True that (Score 2, Interesting) 551

Thank you for pointing this out. I love reading Spolsky and I think he has a lot of good ideas but he doesn't always express them very well. This second half of his closing paragraph is extremely important to put the article in context and I think should have been stressed at the very beginning in my opinion:

Duct tape programmers have to have a lot of talent to pull off this shtick. They have to be good enough programmers to ship code, and weâ(TM)ll forgive them if they never write a unit test, or if they xor the âoenextâ and âoeprevâ pointers of their linked list into a single DWORD to save 32 bits, because theyâ(TM)re pretty enough, and smart enough, to pull it off.

Specifically at the beginning of this article he names Jamie Zawinski as the programmer he is talking about. JWZ is a darn good programmer. There is a reason he has an entry for his name in wikipedia. Most of the people developers work with who exhibit these tendencies that Spolsky is describing in JWZ are not good developers and can't get away with it. It should be pointed out that exhibiting these traits will not necessarily make you a good developer. IMO The point Spolsky is trying to get across is that blindly adhering to a development strategy, tool, or architecture methodology will not make a person a good developer either. I too would rather see more articles about how to make the mediocre developers better.

Mobile Gaming Market Heats Up 18

A few days ago, we discussed Sony's announcement of a slew of new titles for the PSP, part of their plan to reinvigorate the platform. Unfortunately, according to analyst Nicholas Lovell, it may be too late for the PSP to achieve what Sony had hoped. He says gaming on the iPhone and iPod Touch are rapidly expanding to fill that section of the market. Despite this, rumors have been swirling once more that the PSP2 is under development, and while Sony wouldn't confirm or deny, they were at least willing to talk about the rumors. Meanwhile, the App Store is dealing with a flood of titles that shows no sign of slowing, making it somewhat difficult to keep tabs on the higher-quality games. An Apple spokesperson discussed this in an interview with Pocket Gamer, and also mentioned that they'd be OK with a community gaming service similar to Xbox Live, should somebody decide to make one. It's likely that Apple will soon see more serious competition from Android Market; now that a pricing system is going online, the major publishers have more of an incentive to bring games to the platform. The Guardian's games blog recently went over some of the top games available on Android.

Comment Re:What it should be. (Score 2, Funny) 82

Hell I honestly think I could live with the weaknesses if it meant immortality.

I mean seriously what do vampires have against them? An inability to interact with religious objects, an aversion to sunlight, no reflection, and they can't eat garlic?

I'd bet that 1 and 2 aren't an issue for most Slashdotters anyways, and most probably don't care about their own reflection either (heck usually when I see mine it's a glare on my screen so if I didn't show up then all the better). The garlic thing might be an issue, but I'm sure me and Papa John's could work something out.

"Just send over a delivery guy with marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese on his neck please."

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