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Comment Save 1mm? (Score 2, Insightful) 771

They could save 1mm by going to 2.5mm jacks. Those are reasonably standard and would require only a small (and inexpensive!) adapter for older headphones. My Bose noise-canceling headset uses a 2.5mm plug/jack into the actual headphones (cable is removable).

I suspect the loss of this jack may be somewhat related to improving water resistance; those 3.5mm jacks are deep and have lots of potential for leaking.

Comment Debt (Score 1) 842

i am in one of those strange places where I make a decent living, but ended up with a lot of debt (mostly due to divorce) and have to deal with a mortgage and my children going off to school.

1. Pay off debt - credit cards, mortgages, other loans.
2. Put aside money for college for the children.
3. Donate money to some very specific, local, causes. My wife has a community theater group she wants to support, and I'd want to support the local Boy Scout troops, and some other groups.
4. Travel: spent more time working when I was younger than traveling. I'd like to see more of the world. And not just in one-week chunks.
5. Figure out what I really like and then do it. I've been a software engineer for a long time, but it doesn't really satisfy me as much as it used to.

Comment Re:Advertised price 9.96 = 10.00 (Score 1) 362

Canada has GST and HST, both of which as sales taxes. A read of the article says that a subtotal is calculate, tax is then added, and then depending on the method of payment, the amount is rounded as necessary; only for cash transactions.

The books will not be "off by several hundred dollars" because the rounding will go down 50% of the time, and up 50% of the time, averaging out to a net zero loss/gain. POS (Point-Of-Sale) software can be updated to make note of how rounding is done for each transaction, and this can be tallied at the end of the day.

Comment eSATA (Score 1) 405

Your best bet for speed is likely to be eSATA.

Have you looked into something like this:

The cost becomes noise when you consider how many drives you will end up needing, and per TB, will be cheaper than USB solutions.

I don't know how your data is organized, but if possible, you may want to back it up by project/directory/etc.

There are also online backup systems that can do what you want, but it'll take an extremely long time...

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