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Comment Tenure! (Score 1) 141

No doubt the Professor has tenure, he (and his successors) will never lose their jobs even if the project is a dismal failure.

Given the 34 year life span of construction. I'd look to see what relatives (and PLA Generals) have ties to the construction industry.

I say go for it.

Now if the Professor was based in North Korea, there is a different penalty for failure.

Comment To Quote Patton: Every God Damn Day (Score 1) 569

Yes I set bleachbit to run after boot when I turn it on every day.

Not because I care about any emails. It the crazy 100MB of crap browsers leave behind from the previous day. I don't bother to shred, just want to free the space. I guess it improves performance too.

Yes it's probably pointless when you have multi-GB of space. It is because I remember HP7920 disc drives the size of a dishwashers with 50MB disc platters.

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