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Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 1) 212

Ah. I interpreted you as saying "The ultra-rich have their money in 401(k) accounts", but it looks like you were saying the opposite -- that the ultra-wealthy are the ones *not* in 401(k)s.
I would think, though, that for 401(k)s to become a significant "piggy bank" to the rich, they'd have to represent more than the 1% your earlier "middle class holds 1-2% total" declaration suggests -- where it doesn't seem they could provide a boost to other accounts significant enough to even notice.

*sigh* 401(k)s... I'd like to like them, but...yeah, what could have been a decent idea was mutilated by restrictions in a way that nobody can like them. Give employees control of where they invest? Allow them to have almost anything they want inside of that instrument? Great idea, except:
1. The avg worker isn't exactly a financial genius, nor do they want to become one.
2. The choice is restricted to what the employer has to offer (unless you frequently change jobs, etc. to move funds out and into IRAs, but then those aren't 401(k); the 401(k) still stinks.)
3. Too many HR managers are stupid, lazy, or corrupt, and there are plenty of institutions and "consultants" ready to take full advantage of that, so your choices are often very poor.
4. At least in the old days, if a company's pension plan was bad they knew it reflected poorly on them. Now, they just point to the 401(k) and say it's someone else's fault it didn't work out so well.

Comment Re:EC will punish US Teachers (Score 1) 212

> 401k plans were never meant to provide retirement for people. They were just meant to funnel money to people who already have all the money.

With an $18k limit on 401(k) contributions, they're not exactly designed for stashing huge amounts of money for rich people. The extra-wealthy may certainly own the majority of funds in *other* instruments at Vanguard, but most of their money is *not* -- cannot be -- in 401(k)s.

Comment Another high school story... (Score 1) 142

N-butyric acid is about the nastiest stuff I've ever smelled, and it's amazing how fast that stench can travel from one end of a large room to another. We had this stoner that started hanging around the chemistry lab a lot. One day I took him to the back room with a conspiratory air, and convinced him that this stuff was "soooo rad", and would "make you higher than a kite". I pumped him up enough that when I uncapped it he sniffed deeply without testing it first. He cried out, coughed, and vomited. Fortunately he was feeling too bad to catch me and do what he wanted, as I escaped back into the safety of the main room, laughing my head off. It didn't take long for the story to get around.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 154

That's a good point -- while rare for me personally, I have on occasion included minimal X libraries for particular apps before while not hosting a full-time console environment. I've run into some apps that offer GUI admin from a remote machine -- but only if you install a "big boy" web server w/ extra modules that starts to make the X installation look small and simple.

Comment Re:Seriously?? (Score 1) 154

Aside from all the jokes about not using vi, etc. I seriously marvel at the idea of a "really stripped-down server" including an X system. Though I fairly regularly use ssh -X on other workstations, I haven't included X at all on a single server (LTSP servers aside) in the last 15 years. I'm curious what kinds of tools server admins are requiring an X environment on the server for.

Comment Short vs. Long (Score 1) 208

> where does the seven come in?
1000^7 thousands.

1000^7 thousands = septillion
1000^6 thousands = sextillion
1000^5 thousands = quintillion
1000^4 thousands = quadrillion
1000^3 thousands = trillion
1000^2 thousands = billion
1000^1 thousands = million
1000^0 thousands = thousand

One may argue over whether the short or long system (1000x & offset by 1) makes more sense, but they both have a logical relation.

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