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Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 1) 387

"whose idea of the sun being the center of the solar system was deemed quite absurd by the orthodoxy of his time - yet turned out to be true."

It should also be noted that he didn't invent this concept; it was known amongst learned people. It's just that he said it out loud and demonstrated why it fit the data best.

Comment Well, because it's not computer science (Score 1) 369

"Building an app, for example, can't be done in a couple of hours, it "requires multi-dimensional learning contexts, pathways and projects."

While this is complete gobbledygook, apparently nobody knows the difference between Computer Science and Software Engineering.

You can study computer science and not be able to write a line of code.

Conversely, you can be a software engineer, and know almost nothing of computer science.

They are separate discipline. And it's not clear of the value of learning either for most student.

Comment I admire the honesty (Score 1) 237

âoeThe core business of the plaintiff [Axel Springer] is to deliver ads to its visitors. Journalistic content is just a vehicle to get readers to view the ads.â

You have to admire this kind of honesty. They admit their business is to serve ads. So complaints about "journalistic integrity" can't really be made of this site (or indeed any other).

Comment Re:There is already a back door. (Score 1) 152

"What Apple *should* do (and should have already done), is to create a security system that they would not have the ability to help the FBI hack into. They have already indicated they are working on this."

Precisely. I can think of at least two ways to do this that would make the "skeleton key" scenario moot. One of those ways would make brute forcing impossible, but would require significantly greater processor power and memory.

Comment Re:Why are people still installing ABP (Score 1) 218

I like uBlock, but it doesn't play well with Ghostery. I haven't decided which is better, and so I run both and let them battle it out.

The "White List" thing sounds like a cool idea in theory, but in practice, I find a "black list" thing is more desirable, particularly when you block javascript.

Most sites require javascript. But some sites do obnoxious stuff like preventing printing or stop you from trying to copy text. That's where I want to block Javascript.

Javascript blocking should at this point be a blacklist option.

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