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Comment No sense of economics (Score 1) 260

""Two years ago the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) offered $15,000 to anybody -- literally anybody -- who could come up with an idea to speed up airport security..." writes Popular Science."

So if someone did come up with such a great idea, why not implement it themselves and make more than a relatively paltry $15K for coming up with an idea of that could save millions.

Comment Re:No sympathy for Apple (Score 1) 410

" This is in clear violation of the spirit of the law "

If this was common law, you might have a point.

But there is no "spirit of the law" in tax law nor in corporate contract law. The law is about the "letter of the law.

If you disagree, tell the IRS you won't pay your taxes, because their laws are a "clear violation of the spirit of the US Constitution".

Let us know how that works for you.

Comment Re:old wisdom (Score 1) 387

"whose idea of the sun being the center of the solar system was deemed quite absurd by the orthodoxy of his time - yet turned out to be true."

It should also be noted that he didn't invent this concept; it was known amongst learned people. It's just that he said it out loud and demonstrated why it fit the data best.

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