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Comment Some more details (Score 5, Informative) 257

I'm sitting in the conference room where this was just announced at the HP Discover conference. The idea is to use photonics for interconnects, so that the limitations of copper don't require physical proximity to memory. And they want to use oxygen atoms with doubly-negative charge (ions) for data storage. The concept is to partner with universities to do some fundamental research and major changes in OS design to have a machine that can scale processor access to 160 PB of memory storage in microseconds.

None of this comprises fundamentally new ideas, but they are working hard to actually make it happen, which is pretty cool.

Comment I don't need a study.. (Score 1) 392

I have been hiring engineers in Silicon Valley for the last 8 years continuously. I have a preference to hire people who are already authorized to work within the US, without any conditions on that work such as length of time I will need to replace them if their status doesn't change. And I know from personal experience, having hired over 75 positions in that time period, that it's VERY HARD to find people who were trained here and authorized to work here. I end up sponsoring a lot of work visas by pure necessity, not because I want to pay people less. So I don't need a study; I have first-hand knowledge and experience, and have shared that experience with my industry peers (and no, that's not an echo chamber; we are the DOERS that these studies are studying).

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