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Comment Re:From the pdf... (Score 2) 201

You're right. "Thrust was observed on both test articles, even though one of the test articles was designed with the expectation that it would not produce thrust. Specifically, one test article contained internal physical modifications that were designed to produce thrust, while the other did not (with the latter being referred to as the "null" test article)." Also: "within a stainless steel vacuum chamber with the door closed but at ambient atmospheric pressure" I think maybe they made one of these:

Comment Re:JavaScript (Score 1) 386

+1 for JavaScript. You can absolutely learn the fundamentals of programming from it. Learn about variables, control structures, functions, arrays and simple objects. Learn how to interact with the DOM. Once you're comfortable with those then move on to a more sophisticated language and learn the principles of OOP. Javascript's prototype based inheritance is not the place to learn OOP.

Comment You should use the product (Score 2) 391

Why do you work for a company who's products you don't use? Is the app too expensive, or just not something that is suited to your life? Frankly if neither you nor your colleagues use a product your company created, why does the company think anyone will use it? If the product is good, but you just don't have a use for it, I don't see any ethical issues in promoting it. But if it's simply not a good product then I would probably not promote it, after all it's your personal reputation that is at stake. I'd also start looking for another job.

Comment Charity: Water (Score 1) 570

Start a campaign here: Or just make a flat donation: 100% of the money you donate goes to the field. They get their operations money from other sources. Lack of potable water is probably the most significant problem humanity faces. Solving this issue could bring millions of people out of poverty.

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