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Comment Re:Over 18 (Score 1) 632

The thing I find funniest about the interest owed is that the Govt is sitting on my money all year since my employer gave them too much (and I allow it since I don't want to owe the govt money at the end of the year) ... do I see a penny of interest in *that* money? Nope, but when they feel I owe them money, all of a sudden interest *must* be paid. I got a bill from the tax man a tax adjustment on my previous years return for ~$600 ... I paid. I then get two more notices AFTER they cashed my check, which I just ignored since I had proof that I paid them ... finally, on the 3rd notice, they say they received the money and will waive the extra $15 in interest that was racked up between the time I paid the bill and the time it took them to acknowledge they cashed the check.

Comment Re:Idiot (Score 2) 188

Isn't there a difference between a video taken for the purpose of a store safety, and a creepy asshole guy taking a video of you while you go about your stuff?

Yes there is a difference, SCM isn't hiding when he's taking the video.

Besides that, plenty of people are proving themselves willing to hurt him, while he is in full compliance with the law, he IS recording for the purpose of safety.


Whole Human Brain Mapped In 3D 99

ananyo writes "An international group of neuroscientists has sliced, imaged and analysed the brain of a 65-year-old woman to create the most detailed map yet of a human brain in its entirety. The atlas, called 'BigBrain,' shows the organization of neurons with microscopic precision, which could help to clarify or even redefine the structure of brain regions obtained from decades-old anatomical studies (abstract). The atlas was compiled from 7,400 brain slices, each thinner than a human hair. Imaging the sections by microscope took a combined 1,000 hours and generated 10 terabytes of data. Supercomputers in Canada and Germany churned away for years reconstructing a three-dimensional volume from the images, and correcting for tears and wrinkles in individual sheets of tissue."

Comment Re:I just had this conversation with a coworker: (Score 1) 547

They can still give one out with every unit. Not like there'll be much of a resale market for something that came with the unit and isn't compatible with the 360 (most likely).
There really isn't any reason that it NEEDS to be connected otherwise the thing won't work at all. If a game needs it, then the game can yell at you to install it.

Comment Re: Violence (Score 2) 151

This is what I do not understand about peoples complaints. I can point a phone, discreetly, anywhere I want and no one would be the wiser. Just sit down at a table, maybe have a conversation with someone and hold your phone pointing anywhere you want and no one would suspect anything.

Somehow though, a device that requires both voice confirmation AND your face to be physically staring exactly at what you want it to record is seen as invasive.

Comment Re:What a silly thing to complain about (Score 1) 371

I agree with you that this is stupid, but your point is kinda flawed.

If the people this is attempting to 'defend' had access to a credit card, they'd just throw the remainder of their cell phone balance on there too and call it a day, with the benefit of enjoying the 0% financing with TMO for as long as it lasted.

To get away from the point you made slightly: If TMO had made the contract so if you had service with them it was 0% financing, but if you left it would be 10% people would still be complaining that they should offer free financing no matter what.

Seriously though, If people can't afford the cost of $300 potentially coming up and biting them in the ass, they shouldn't have gotten a $600 phone. They should have gone on ebay or craigslist & bought a used phone. I've known plenty of people who picked up last years model at a steal shortly after the new model came out. This way you wouldn't have had to sign a loan with dodgy (in the view of the WA AG) requirements and could enjoy their cheap service for as long as it was worth it to you.

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