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Comment It's the upload speed that matters (Score 1) 142

As someone who just had Gigabit fiber-optic broadband installed this week I know I would move quite a distance for a connection like this. There's no going back to my 4Mb ADSL connection I had Monday. The other comments pointing out that 50 or even 20Meg connections are only half right. What really matters is the up speed. I have 1Gb (actually tests about 850Mb/s) down and 100Mb up, and that up speed kicks major ass. Hard to describe really, but there is no more waiting for Dropbox to sync files, uploading a new site to a server is crazy fast, and videoconferencing is much better. I called my parents and my ability to send video far exceeds their capacity to recieve it, so they basically get perfect 720p of me and I see the same old pixelated version of them. Fiber at both ends would be really cool. As far as the 1Gb down, it's cool to download Ubuntu isos in a few seconds, but for most browsing the server never makes use of all that speed. Start sending a web page at 100Mb or so and it's loaded instantly so no need to go faster.

Comment Focus on your local encryption method first (Score 5, Interesting) 200

Your problem isn't the storage, it's whatever you are doing locally that is the issue. I've got tens of thousands of files backed up with no issues, across several devices.

You didn't mention your OS. I'll assume you are running Linux because if you are running WIndows/MacOS you are missing a fundamental weakness already.

On Linux, use EncFS which also has a nice GUI manager via GEncfsM for those that prefer it.

Using EncFS means you don't have to upload entire files when you edit them, only the changes are synced. This is efficient, open-source, and works perfectly.

Once EncFS is working, pick any cloud storage you want and sync the encrypted folder(s). I do it with Dropbox + symlinks and it is flawless, no issues for years now.

Comment (Score 1) 410

Here's the problem with Runbox: They email your username and password when you set up your account, plus they send your password to your recovery email address if you ever use the 'forgot password' function at login. Not a password reset link, or a temporary password to be reset. Your password, in plain text. Go on, try it yourself right now since you are using their service.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Which Email Providers Support Wildcard addresses & filter spam 1

tiznom writes: I'm currently using Google Apps free with a custom domain. I have a wildcard / catch-all filter set so I can use most anything to the left of the @ sign and it still reaches me. Spam isn't an issue.

I've used for ages. It's too much trouble to go back and update all the accounts to change them all to my real address.

I want to move off of Google Apps. Paid services are no problem. I can't find any email services that both allow PLUS do spam filtering on the catch-all addresses. Are there any out there?

Submission + - HENRi Short Film Is Love Letter To Retro Sci-Fi (

An anonymous reader writes: Kickstarter-funded sci-fi short film HENRi starring Keir Dullea (2001: A Space Odyssey) and Margot Kidder (Superman) asks "What is human?" In the vein of Isaac Asimov and Philip K. Dick, the film tells the story of a derelict spaceship that becomes self-aware and builds itself a mechanical body in order to feel alive. Created utilizing a mixture of quarter-scale miniatures, retro in-camera effects, and computer animation — HENRi is a genre love letter to the sci-fi films of the 70s and 80s. Check out the trailer, released today.

Comment Jersey, Channel Islands Gigabit speeds (Score 1) 165

Here in Jersey you can get Gigabit down / 100Mbit up for £59.99/month (about $100USD) which will be island-wide within a year. It's a small market but we will be very well connected soon. I'm limping along on a 4Mbit DSL connection for now, waiting for the build out.

Note that the local telco JTGlobal, have placed a comically low bandwidth cap of 50GB/Month. Doing the math, you would use your 50GB monthly ration in less than ten minutes going flat out.

Fortunately two other re-sellers here offer unlimited plans for the savvier shoppers.

Comment Re:Trojans? (Score 1) 95

The article mentions the spying software on the third page. Curiously, working out the math for the individual vs bulk prices reveals that math is still hard for most people. 1 machine = $99.95 25 machines? No, not 2498.75 silly. 25 machines = $2875. Anyone else find this odd?

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