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Comment Let's be logical (Score 1) 409

2 contagious people being looked after by well trained and equipped people...

Now where is the panic
30000 die on our roads every year and yet everybody thinks its a good idea to be on the road.
Don't know how many hundreds or thousand die by accidental bullets...like this kid who died a couple of days back just being in bed and a bullet came in through the wall from the street....highly communicable death...and yet we live in neighborhood loaded with loaded guns and no panic yet !

What can go wrong ...okay all the people treating these guys in the contained ward may die...much less than 30000 say !!!

Comment Re:I think this is bullshit (Score 1) 1746

Indeed a true libertarian would have said ...government is in no business of recognizing any marriage ..
wherether gay, straight, old couples, multiple people, people and dogs etc...

what have making kids to do with marriage...old people marry so why not gay...
why prevent 3 or 4 people in a loving relationship be not allowed to be married because some of us cannot understand it ?

The simplest solution..let people do what they want as it is not our business and not the government's one too.

Comment Fiscal conservatives cannot do math (Score 2) 1144

Fiscal conservtives are trying to save money supposedly ...close the guvmint damn it because the deficit is too large...and yet they voted yesterday ..
all of them ...the centrist to the righties...(there are no elected lefties in the US except for may be the Vermont Senator)
to pay and make us stay home...
Yup great fiscal conservatism. ...its like trying to drown a carp !

The problem is not government it is idiots running the government.

Comment Re:I'm sure the Jews in Germany though... (Score 1) 333

The IRS targetting of tea party was finally found to be bogus there was no explicit tilt in targetting as of last and it was the media only reporting what initially appeared to be ...but forgot to follow on when no simplistic story line was found.

A good and free press is necessary in a democracy ...not just a free press....otherwise they are free to report only on the royal baby or juicy event and forget to tell you what really is happening with people in power

Comment Please don't mix things (Score 2) 946

0) People chose GPL v2 for the kernel for very good reasons and the sheer success of it from phones to all Top 500 clusters is proof ..nuf said on that.
1) You can use LGPL if you want to release code that is GPL but allow people to link with proprietary blob but without forbidding users to see and modify the LGPL code.
2) Linux kernel is GPL V2.0 licensed not LGPL...so if you want to bind to it and release the binary then you have to release the code under GPL V2 of your stuff that is calling the kernel stuff...you don't need to contact any body if you abide by this
3) You can request all the copyright holders in the kernel code to release that bit of the code to you under another license if you do not like GPL.

Comment Re:Not just the GBT (Score 3, Informative) 192

Just a clarification: NRAO manages only the GBT and VLBA ..the optical telescopes are managed by a sister institute NOAO (note the O for optical).
So NRAO at best can fight/defend the cases for GBT and VLBA only.

Yes sucks big time for everybody though as even small funds for hardware/instrument development for astronomy at universities is recommended to be defunded.

Comment Maps is not the only issue (Score 1) 561

The problem is the map app telling you where you are by using your gps + tower connection and giving you a routeway to go from where you are to where you want to be..without knowing the address of where you are...and keeps updating it as you move and suggesting alternate routes in traffic etc etc.

Comment Fragmentation is a problem ? (Score 2) 104

Is fragmentation a problem or is it freedom for each company to do whatever they want to support at a price they can make money ?

Or do people want the competition to be just like apple ...a controlled garden of 1 device ....1 appstore ...1 updates for 1 thing.

Fragmentation is the difference...it allows you to have amazon fire, the nook tablet, all kind of cheap and crappy tablets or phones to expensive and better supported ones etc etc...
who cares at least i can buy something from $79 to $500 ...i have a choice on my means even if its not what i want because sometimes i can't afford what i want.

If it is apple v/s pseudo apple ...then i would not have a tablet or a smart phone

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