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Submission + - IQnection Internet Services Launches the New (

kprojects writes: "IQnection Internet Services of Doylestown has officially re-launched the new

In April 2012, IQnection announced an agreement with Linux Online Inc. (owners of the domain name) to create a new community oriented website, publish/maintain content and host the site.

The community was started in 1994. It quickly grew in size and popularity to become the Internet’s leading resource for Linux information. Unfortunately, went offline in March of 2011.

Greg Cawood, IQnection’s President, is excited about the project. “I remember when I first came across about 15 years ago” he states. “It is one of those resources that you keep going back to and it needs to be online so that people can find the info!”

“IQnection has rewritten the website code and is rebuilding from the ground up. Our developers are currently working on the next roll-out which will add some pretty incredible social aspects to the site.”

Michelle McLagan, Linux Online's President, is happy to be collaborating with IQnection. "I am proud to be working with IQnection to revitalize the website. The Linux community has been missing a valuable resource during the past year and it is very satisfying to have back online."

About IQnection: IQnection is a web hosting, design, and advertising company located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia. IQnection began in 2000 developed by entrepreneurs Greg Cawood and Bob Campbell, two businessmen committed to developing and maintaining innovative, intelligent connections for clients to the Internet.

About Linux Online: Linux Online is located in Ogdensburg, New York, on the beautiful St. Lawrence River. Linux Online was started in 1994 by Michael and Michelle McLagan and has been continuously involved in promoting Linux on the internet and through private projects."

Submission + - Home Generators For Power Outages (

jaenwaen writes: Power outages are unpredictable and a situation that every home owner dreads. With that being said, there is one easy fix to the issue of power outages that can have the vital electric elements of a house up in running in no time, even before the main power grid is restored. This fix is the use of home power generators for power outages.

Submission + - Dogs Capable of Empathy (

sciencehabit writes: Yawn next to your dog, and she may do the same. Though it seems simple, this contagious behavior is actually quite remarkable: Only a few animals do it, and only dogs cross the species barrier. Now a new study finds that dogs yawn even when they only hear the sound of us yawning, the strongest evidence yet that canines may be able to empathize with us.

Submission + - Facebook Spammers Make $20M, Get $100K Fine (

jfruh writes: "Adscend Media, which has been making up to $20M a year from so-called "likejacking" spam on Facebook, has reached agreement with the Attorney General of Washington to stop those activities and pay $100,000 in court costs. Among other nefarious techniques, Adscend would overlay Facebook "like" buttons with provocative photos to spread links to ads from which Adscend would earn referral fees. Adscend also settled out of court with Facebook for an undisclosed amount."

Submission + - First impressions on Ubuntu 12.04 ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The much awaited 2012 Long Term Service version of Ubuntu is out. It ships with a much improved version of its window manager, Unity, and promises to solve long lasting issues with hardware. So, how is it really?

Submission + - Who's cracked iTunes?

Invisible Now writes: I just went through an onerous, repetitive reset of my iTunes account. Like they're panicked about security. Email send back. Strong password reset. A goofy and mandatory three security questions. (My least favorite teacher...really!!?). What happened to the classic favorite pet'sname?
Somethings afoot... Who know's why Apple's panicked?

Submission + - Privacy Simplified ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Not everyone can read legalese. Websites ought to have clearer, more transparent, and simpler privacy policies.

One important step in this direction is a simple way of summarizing a privacy policy’s features, to make it easy to see how a website will use and protect user data. Inspired by Creative Commons and the Mozilla Privacy Icon Project, we (a group of Yale undergrads) have designed a set of icons, as well as simple descriptions, to describe common features of privacy policies.

Additionally, we have built a generator to make it easy for websites to add these icons to their own sites. To further encourage awareness, we have reviewed several popular websites’ privacy policies, so that users can see for themselves how they fare.

The Internet

Submission + - Controlling Bufferbloat with Queue Delay (

CowboyRobot writes: "We all can see that the Internet is getting slower. According to researchers, the cause is persistently full buffers, and the problem is only made worse by the increasing availability of cheap memory, which is then immediately filled with buffered data. The metaphor is grocery store checkout lines: a cramped system where one individual tasks can block many other tasks waiting in line. But you can avoid the worst problems by having someone actively managing the checkout queues, and this is the solution for bufferbloat as well: AQM (Active Queue Management). However, AQM (and the metaphor) break down in the modern age when Queues are long and implementation is not quite so straightforward.

Kathleen Nichols at Pollere and Van Jacobson at Parc have a new solution that they call CoDel (Controlled Delay), which has several features that distinguish it from other AQM systems.

"A modern AQM is just one piece of the solution to bufferbloat. Concatenated queues are common in packet communications with the bottleneck queue often invisible to users and many network engineers. A full solution has to include raising awareness so that the relevant vendors are both empowered and given incentive to market devices with buffer management.""

Submission + - Ask Slashdot : Interactive Whiteboards for the office enviroment 1

canyon289 writes: I'm the youngest guy in my office, 23 vs average age of ~40. In some insane stroke of luck one of my bosses asked me to find a smart board for our conference room. This is a fantastic opportunity since we would be the first at our company to use one, and strong technology additions in my department will help me demonstrate my inner nerd, something that's really important when I'm working with guys with 20 years experience in our core business.

So I ask Slashdot, what suggestions do you have for interactive whiteboards? Right off the bat I can't use IR sensors, one entire wall is a window. Other things I'm concerned about are, ease of use, quality of software, and general aesthetics. This board has to basically usable by managers who only have basic computer experience. I really would like to take this opportunity to make a good impression.

Thanks in advance!

Submission + - FDA May Let Patients Buy Drugs Without Prescriptions 1

Hugh Pickens writes writes: "The Washington Times reports that the Food and Drug Administration may soon permit Americans to obtain some drugs used to treat conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes without obtaining a prescription allowing patients to diagnose their ailments by answering questions online or at a pharmacy kiosk in order to buy current prescription-only drugs for conditions such as high cholesterol, certain infections, migraine headaches, asthma or allergies. Some pharmacists embrace the notion that they should be able to dole out medication for patients’ chronic conditions without making them go through a doctor. “This could eliminate the need for a physician visit for certain meds that may have been prescription prior to this change,” said Ronna Hauser, vice president of policy and regulatory affairs for the National Community Pharmacists Association. “However, there may be circumstances when a patient might need a physician visit and diagnosis and original prescription to start therapy but could continue on that therapy with pharmacist refill authorization capabilities.” Medical providers at public hearings to obtain input on a new paradigm urge caution, saying the government should not try to cut health care costs by cutting out doctors. “Patients rely on physicians to provide sound diagnosis and treatment information and to help them meet their unique health needs," says Peter W. Carmel, President of the American Medical Association. "Expanding many prescription medications to OTC interferes with that important relationship without offering any real benefits to improve patients' health or reduce their costs.""

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