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Comment Re:no "Russian Hackers", that's B.S. (Score 0) 28

You don't think the Russians wouldn't like a disruptive candidate like Trump winning the election. They're playing similar games elsewhere, like assuring an old style Trot like Jeremy Corbyn stays in charge of Labour in the UK, and feeding all sorts of anti-EU fires throughout the rest of Europe. Russia knows that it has absolutely no hope of every beating a unified West, so it's going to do its best to screw with that unity.

Comment Re:i.e. I think I can ignore the law if I want to (Score 3, Informative) 70

Um, the French and Indian War was between 1756 and 1763. There was no "Canada", save as a bit of a colloquial expression for the New France, which became British after the defeat of French forces in 1759.

You might note that the American War of Independence didn't begin until 1775, and "Canada" didn't become a formal name until 1791 when the former territories of New France were carved into Upper Canada, where many Empire Loyalists were settling, and Lower Canada, where the Quebecois were dominant, and these two colonies later became Ontario and Quebec.

So what you wrote is factually wrong. The French and Indian Wars was a war between France and Britain, an arena of the larger Seven Years War, and most certainly involved the defense of the British colonies (including but not limited to the Thirteen "American" colonies) in North America.

Comment Re:Call me strange but... (Score 2) 161

No, there are no such studies. There are studies confirming that a drop in oxygen levels to the brain, often concurrent with someone about to die, will lead to some pretty wild hallucinations, but what you wrote is just pure bullshit. There is nothing to indicate in any research that the mind is anything more than the sum of actions of several different parts of the brain.

Comment Re:State sponsored corporate spies (Score 1) 407

It's wrong to discriminate against a group due to a statistics that doesn't say anything about that group, I give you that.

What does the statistic say? The essence is "most financial fraudsters are white males". It is NOT permissible to turn it around and say "white males commit financial fraud". It is not even permissible to say "white males are more prone to commit financial fraud than other groups of people". Because a crucial element is missing: The population. What such conclusions omit is taking into account what fraction of people who are in a position to commit financial fraud are white males. When you take that into account, you will come to the result that the vast majority of people who are in this position are white males. So anything but finding that the majority of financial fraudsters being white males would actually be a surprise.

Statistics have no agenda. Statistics just is. Unfortunately, it is easy to abuse statistics if you do. And even more unfortunately, people believe statistics because it's just numbers without an agenda, and people do not understand statistics and how it may be used to draw conclusions.

Comment Re:So how is it supposed to communicate? (Score 2) 90

At this point if a probe could just taste the plumes, it might be able to identify evidence of organic chemistry, heck maybe even be able to identify the vacuum-desiccated remnants of living organisms. We're decades away from building a probe that could actually bore through even a few kilometers of ice, but being able to build probes that could land on the surface and analyze the deposits left over from plumes should be well within current technical capabilities.

At the moment Europa really is one of our best shots at identifying life on another world. Even if Europa has never developed anything more complex than bacteria, being able to sample its DNA, or even cooler, finding some other system of protein encoding and heredity would literally be one of the most significant scientific discoveries in history. Just having life there, would go a long way to confirming the belief of many scientists that all life needs to get kickstarted is liquid water, organic compounds and energy.

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