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Submission + - State Senator opposed to violent video games arrested for arms trafficking (

tiqui writes: California State Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) has been a long-time vocal advocate for both gun control and regulation of violent video games, often speaking of his deep concerns for the victims of violence. He's just been arrested for trafficking in large quantities of fully-automatic guns (the type that have been illegal in the U.S. since the 1920's, NOT the semi-autos usually discussed) and shoulder-fired rockets. When taped discussing the arms transactions he commented “People want to get whatever they want to get. Do I care? No, I don’t care. People need certain things”. This character is not some unknown oddball, he previously ran for mayor of San Francisco and was currently running for Secretary of State.

Submission + - Intellectual Property Claims Gone Wild (

tiqui writes: With individuals, businesses and governments all seeking easy ways to get money without working for it, it's perhaps no longer surprising to see an archeologist and the country of Belize going after Disney and Spielberg for using the likeness of a crystal skill in an Indiana Jones movie... heat-up the popcorn, it should be interesting to see how much hypocrisy Disney deploys in its own defense.

Submission + - iPads work in thin air (

tiqui writes: It seems that the Apple engineers made the iPad a bit more durable than one might expect a consumer device to be. The FAA has approved the iPad for certain uses in aircraft cockpits....the testing "included a successful rapid decompression test on the iPad to 51,000ft (15,555m)"

Submission + - Setting public data free (

tiqui writes: Quoting from the article: "In a remarkable turnabout in public policy, Britain is emerging as the champion of moves to require European governments to make data gathered and held by public bodies freely available to the knowledge economy."

Submission + - James Hansen and Political Bias

tiqui writes: Investor's Business Daily reports on ties between George Soros and James Hansen. I tend to believe that when somebody funds a person in the political spotlight he does it because they both support or believe the same things, and not because he is twisting the message by buying the messenger. Many people, however, believe that financial backers are buying results and recipients should be considered to be bought-and-paid-for and their work discarded as biased because of that support. For people who believe the latter and condemn recipients of "big oil" money, or gun lobby money, or defense contractor money, it may be time to explain why somebody accepting help from George Soros is not presumed to be influenced by HIS agenda.

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