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Comment Re:When will this apply to medicines? (Score 1) 648

If a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass when it hopped.

If grandma had balls she'd be grandpa.

We don't have effective border control, so this did little to nothing to stem the availability of meth. It doesn't matter if it's worse than crack or PCP, this was legislation that didn't do what was intended which is a hallmark of knee-jerk legislation.

Comment Re:The guy in Germany could be driving too (Score 1) 800

Congress declared war on Germany. If Congress declared war on Yemen/Afghanistan/Pakistan, this discussion wouldn't be happening. These are American citizens living in a county against which we haven't declared war. Have Congress pass legislation to make it harder to become an American citizen. Have Congress pass legislation to make it easier to remove citizenship from an American. Both of those would be considered due process of law.

Comment Re:Opportunity (Score 1) 279

Apple wanted Google to add turn by turn navigation to the Maps app. Google wanted to the terms of the contract between them renegotiated since the original didn't include turn by turn navigation, even though Google had added it to their own Maps app in Android. Apple wanted new functionality added under the terms of the old contract, and Google wasn't willing.

Comment Re:Newsflash: they have drug dogs at Mexico-US bor (Score 3, Informative) 578

I would not be surprised to find out, because there are many of them, that this "border" checkpoint was nowhere near a border. Most people not aware of its location would not be expecting a border checkpoint since there is no border in the vicinity. Surprise!

Comment Re:Perfectly reasonable (Score 1) 220

"Why is the latter so much better, America?"

Because that's what the propaganda says. Seriously, Americans are consumers driven by marketing and America is marketed as it exists, and not how it was supposed to exist or could exist, and that marketing is, and will be, consumed as long as there continues to be breads and circuses. Gotta go, almost out of DVR space and don't want to lose American Idol...

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