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Comment Re:in an attempt to explain this to others.... (Score 1) 532

Say I want to use a start button.. I hit the windows key, I type the first three characters of the thing I want, maybe I need to hit up arrow once and I hit enter. Five key presses and I can run anything. What is the counterpart on OSX?

Cmd+Space, type first three characters of the thing you want, hit enter.

Comment Re: Did the submitter bother to RTFA? (Score 1) 157

Did it really? Or is it a case of ATT knowing they are about to lose business and they are in a panic to stop it. Another case of "we can't compete let's take them to court". Sad really. From what I understand Louisville should win this hands down. It's not like Google is going to go fuck up ATT poles. Besides they are only allowed where they are because of Louisville. If it wasn't for their approval ATT wouldn't have been allowed to lay the poles.

Read the article. AT&T isn't trying to block Google from using their poles.

Comment Re:ive got some bad news for you. (Score 1) 91

l. Fibre is all well and good, but the last mile into everyones home is still going to have to be a cable connection for higher-than-dsl speed, and cable companies aren't just going to give it to you. The other alternative, to spread out into existing markets, means asking homeowners and landlords to undertake expensive retrofits for cat6 and fibre drops.

That may be true on average, but I've got fiber to my house and I get 940 Mbps+ up and down from AT&T GigaPower for the last year.

Comment Re:RE Security Software (Score 1) 79

Based on the Symantec quote, it seems more like the NSA wants to audit the anti-virus before it gets used on government systems. So, more likely, Avast isn't asked for their source because they're not getting greenlit to be installed.

Bingo. There are certain gov organizations that you can't sell into unless you let them audit your source. It's not just the US either. Also required for certain Russian certifications (for example).

Comment Re:Open Source should go all the way (Score 1) 144

Assuming that the routers require signed firmware images (or will in the near future), the law should require that everything needed to load new images into the router by the user should be made available (including any signing keys).

That entirely misses the point of why the FCC is wanting to lock down the firmware...

Comment Re:Cabs (Score 1) 239

It makes no difference the quality of the taxi's that are in existence. If the laws aren't making taxi's you like, then, again.. Why is this so hard to understand... HAVE THE LAW CHANGED. It doesn't give anyone carte blanche to break the law.

Given the prevailing stances on /., I have to ask if you say the same thing when it comes to copyright laws? Did you pay for all of the music and movies on your computer/phone? Or were you with the rest of the /. crowd saying "screw the man!11!! they shouldn't charge so much!"

Comment Re:Unauthorized teardown (Score 1) 366

Quite frankly the majority of Slashdot seems to be completely down with disregarding all of contract law, which is sort of hilarious given the fervor with which they go after GPL violators with.

Don't forget that copyright law should be ignored (ie., music, movies, etc.) unless it is to enforce GPL

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