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Comment Re: Not much for those stuck *right now* (Score 1) 632

That's very different than the engineering co-op programs I've seen. At Texas A&M, there is a formal co-op program where students alternate semesters of school and working in their field. It generally starts after ~1.5 years of school and you are expected to work for 3 semesters before you graduate - usually at the same company, but not always.

It paid well enough to pay my way through school, provided fantastic experience and something to talk about during interviews instead of school projects, and frequently results in having a job offer in your back pocket before you graduate.

Submission + - Facebook Achieves 20Gbps Data Rate Over MMW Radio Spectrum (thestack.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook’s Connectivity Lab has announced that it has achieved data transmission rates of 20Gbps over the millimetre-wave (MMW) section of the radio spectrum; however, the transceiving stations need to be incredibly tightly calibrated to each other, with the team describing the margin for error as equivalent to ‘a baseball pitcher aiming for a strike zone the size of a quarter’.

Submission + - How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

tippen writes: "It feels good to dismiss people, to mock them, to write them off as deplorables. But you might as well take time to try to understand them, because I'm telling you, they'll still be around long after Trump is gone."

While there are many, many reasons I'm glad Hillary lost the election, there was no way I was going to vote for Trump. But for all that I don't think much of the man, it is a mistake to assume everyone that voted for him is some sort of <insert your favorite most-hated type of "deplorable" here>.

If you are ready to move beyond hurling expletives or curling up in the fetal position asking "why?!", it's worth taking the time to read How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind on Cracked. Yeah, that's right... A surprisingly insightful article on Cracked.

I know this is /., but for once, just RTFA

Submission + - EU Law Will Require 75,000 Data Protection Officers By 2018

An anonymous reader writes: The introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 will require the provision of 75,000 data protection officers in companies worldwide, according to latest estimates from The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). The Regulation, which is to cover the handling of EU citizen data by any global government agency or company, will stipulate that an organization processing ‘large scale’ personal data must have a data protection officer (DPO). The officer must also be ‘independent’ from the company that funds the position. Earlier in the year, an IAPP report predicted that close to 28,000 DPOs would be required in Europe and the U.S. alone. Now, the privacy association has released a figure closer to 75,000 for new DPO positions.

Comment Re:While It Sucks... (Score 1) 160

So why is it bad when the Federal Government tells a State what to do, but it's a-okay when the State tells a City what to do?

Because of the 10th Amendment: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

There's a pretty limited set of powers for the federal government enumerated in the Constitution. Probably 80% of what the Feds do isn't really allowed by the Constitution. They only get away with it because judges do their wink-wink bit and let things slide, frequently under some tortured interpretation of the commerce clause.

While there is a common belief that local control is "A Good Thing(tm)", any protection cities would have from State government depends on laws from that state.

Comment Re:in an attempt to explain this to others.... (Score 1) 532

Say I want to use a start button.. I hit the windows key, I type the first three characters of the thing I want, maybe I need to hit up arrow once and I hit enter. Five key presses and I can run anything. What is the counterpart on OSX?

Cmd+Space, type first three characters of the thing you want, hit enter.

Comment Re: Did the submitter bother to RTFA? (Score 1) 157

Did it really? Or is it a case of ATT knowing they are about to lose business and they are in a panic to stop it. Another case of "we can't compete let's take them to court". Sad really. From what I understand Louisville should win this hands down. It's not like Google is going to go fuck up ATT poles. Besides they are only allowed where they are because of Louisville. If it wasn't for their approval ATT wouldn't have been allowed to lay the poles.

Read the article. AT&T isn't trying to block Google from using their poles.

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