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Comment Re:Not worried (Score 1) 93

You seem to be trolling here. There hasn't been many hard science fiction films featuring any national space agency this century and very few in the last six years. Besides, a) it makes sense that Hollywood movies featuring American characters would have those characters get into space with NASA, and b) Chinese facilities (a rocket and a space station/return capsule) save the day in two of the biggest recent space films (The Martian and Gravity).

Comment Re:Won a battle, lost the war ... (Score 1) 95

As to Facebook's "rules", look at e.g. LinkedIn. I'm quite certain that headhunters take people's LinkedIn profile into consideration and use it to co-determine whether to contact someone and who to recommend them to at what salary level. So why not Facebook? One might say it's because Facebook is not explicitly aimed at job-marketing yourself, but that's but an extra service (agreement) away.

Not a valid comparison. One of the main reasons that people get onto LinkedIn is to look for work. I wish that headhunters would take more time reading my LinkedIn profile so they would stop asking me about positions that have a keyword match in my experience but are clearly not what I do.

Comment Why doesn't MS make their S/W better instead? (Score 2, Informative) 130

I had been using an old Macbook as my primary system for my day job, however I was forced by my employer to upgrade. The newest version of MacOS X supported on it was still so old that the anti-virus software that my employer uses was no longer being updated for it. All of the upgrade choices ran our corporate-build of Windows 10, so I ended up with a shiny new Windows 10 laptop.

I figured that it wouldn't be a big deal. Most of my work involves VPN'ing into a corporate network and ssh'ing into Unix-y/Linux systems where my real work is done. But, after a couple of months of this, I am ready to buy a cheap, used (but new enough for anti-virus upgrades) MacBook to do my work on.

There are just too many stupid bugs in Windows (when switching between displays and display modes, the desktop manager resizes windows to the smallest width and height even after switching to a larger display until restarted) and really annoying inconsistencies between applications (is consistent cut-and-paste behavior really so hard to implement?). And, then there is the battery life. The laptop nominally has a 10-hour battery, but, using it the same way that I was using the 9-year-old MacBook with a 5-year-old battery, I am getting less time between needing to recharge than I did with the MacBook (2.5 hours max). There may be ways to get the new Windows laptop to work as well as the old Macbook did, but shouldn't it just work well out of the box?

Comment Bye crossing party lines when appointing positions (Score 0) 822

I don't care which side is doing it. Reopening an investigation less than two weeks before an election is attempting to influence that election.

If proper handling of e-mail was so important, why isn't the FBI investigating the more serious e-mail violations that occurred during the Bush Administration? Oh, that's right. If it involves Hillary Clinton, there has to be at least three different investigations.

Comment This whole thing is silly to me (Score 1) 347

Apple's preferred use model is to send data wirelessly (wifi or BT), so why would they include a cable?

It isn't even a dongle; it is just a cable with a USB-C connector on one end and a Lightning connector on the other, without the bulky adapter part that makes a dongle a dongle.

And the cables don't last very long anyway. Except for one model, in almost daily use, I have had a USB Type-A male to Lightning male cable work for more than a year. I have a similar problems with USB Type-A male to micro USB cables. So, what's the big deal about buying a USB-C/Lightning cable slightly ahead of when you had to replace a USB Type A/Lightning cable anyway?

I am more bothered by the move away from MagSafe power connectors. I don't look forward to having a USB-C port on my laptop being damaged by someone tripping over the power cord.

Comment Re:Silly word (Score 1) 347

Back on the old Burroughs mainframes, the unexpected termination of a child process could terminate the parent process. The error message was "Program abort: death of a child".

I remember some gal totally freaking out over that. It may have hit a nerve.

The source code for the Burroughs B5000 (A Series) MCP operating system told the story of the illicit love affair between George and Sophia. Well, it did until a source code customer complained about it.

Comment Re:Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 1) 269

You already knew that the DNC liked team-player, loyal soldier Hillary rather than independent, more-interested-in-protesting-than-governing Sanders.

You need to put emphasis on 'independent'. Sanders was not a member of the Democratic Party until not long before he started running for President. Why is there any expectation that the leadership of the Party? They are there to promote the interests of the Party, which includes promoting people with demonstrated commitment to the Party.

In exchange for public funding of the parties' primary presidential elections, the general public get some say in the presidential candidate that is selected. Then again, I live in a state where the Democratic Party selects its convention delegates by caucus, where only Party members (or people who state an alignment with the Party) participate in selecting the candidate.

Comment Re: So the bureaucrats have solved all the problem (Score 1) 296

Be careful on your local rentals and read the rental agreement before you pick up your car. In the US, Sixt offers attractive rental rates, but adds a large surcharge on local renters (those without an itinerary showing they are flying in or out of the area during the rental period) if they take the car out-of-state. Several people that I know have rented from them and were unaware of the policy. I only found out when I went to the pick up my pre-paid rental and informed them that I would be driving the car in Canada (which is what you are supposed to do). The surcharge was for driving the car out-of-state, not just out-of-country. And it would only be charged if Sixt found out you drove out-of-state. One hugely annoying thing related to this is that Sixt is one of the rental car companies that Hotwire works with and Hotwire doesn't tell you which company rental is with until after you pay.

Comment Re:Retailers are holding us in the stone age (Score 1) 311

Chip and PIN works.

Pity virtually no US chip cards are chip and PIN.

This is what the US card issuers should be sued for. How is Chip-and-Sign any more secure than mag strips?

Is this yet another way that the powers-that-be discourage Americans from international travel so that they can't see that much of the rest of the world has the same freedoms that America has?

Comment Did you read the update in TFA? (Score 3, Interesting) 404

The article has been updated with:

The Clinton Foundation has denied the validity of Guccifer 2.0's claims. Speaking to Politico, a foundation representative said, "Once again, we still have no evidence Clinton Foundation systems were breached and have not been notified by law enforcement of an issue. None of these folders or files shown are from the Clinton Foundation." And, as Buzzfeed Senior Technology Reporter, Joe Bernstein, points out, it's highly unlikely that the foundation would name its own folder "Pay to Play."

If this is the case, all of you people who are still looking to stick a crime on Hillary will have to look somewhere else.

Comment Re: No? (Score 1) 375

It is not just that the Supreme Court has not had a relevant court to make a ruling on whether the programs were constitutional; the Obama Administration uses the rules of the courts to make sure that the issue never gets before the Supreme Court for a ruling. They will do things like strategically drop charges, select venues with courts more likely to determine that the other party does not have standing so it does not happen, etc.

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