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Comment Re:Boxee is not like RSS in a browser (Score 1) 220

Um, yes? Hence "without content providers, they don't exist".

No. Directly owned.

Um, yes? Hence "without content providers, they don't exist". Why is this hard? Company A owns Company B. Company A says "Do this or we have no reason to continue your existence." Company B refuses. Company B ceases to exist.

No. This is a shitty way of saying "It's not our fault -- it's those guys over there."

When, in fact, 'us' and 'those guys' are one in the same.

Same pants, different pocket.

Comment Re:Boxee is not like RSS in a browser (Score 1) 220

This is the Crux. Hulu said , "no more boxee" because some really really REALLY stupid executive at some content provider that Hulu does nto have the balls to name said they did not like it.

You do realize that without content providers, Hulu ceases to exist, right? Having the proverbial balls to stand up to them could only backfire, as the content provider will happily stop providing. This is the nature of the beast when someone is providing content that has perceived value. (If it did not have perceived value, people would not watch it.)

Only the incredibly low IQ people think that boxee was stealing anything. These same people think that Best buy employees are highly educated and know what they are talking about.

Insulting people is always a fine way to make your point, but frankly stealing (or not) is irrelevant to the discussion. Hulu has not accused anybody of stealing, they're just saying "you can't do this anymore", and taking steps to prevent it.

You do realize that Hulu is OWNED by the content providers, right?

Comment Re:Piracy? What Piracy? (Score 1) 296

I doubt Wii games are what the O.P. was talking about. I think he/she/it was talking about older systems.

For instance, how many people signed the online petition to have Nintendo translate Mother 3 and release it in the US? I believe well over 100,000 people signed it. Yet Nintendo refused to translate and release the game over here. So, fans of the series took matters into their own hands and translated the game themselves. If Nintendo would have released the game, they could have made a ton of money off of it, but instead, it is now being "pirated," instead.

NES not releasing a game into a specific market does not justify people pirating the game. And EVEN if this game was in the market it would still be pirated. So again, stop attempting to justify this fud. People pirate because they don't want to pay the cost of the game. Not playing Mother 3 will not cause you to die so get over it.

It also does not justify Nintendo counting unauthorized copies of said game as lost revenue as they never intended to sell it to these people in the first place.

Comment Re:Stimulate to move... (Score 1) 379

Well the sound isn't the problem here... but, I believe that sometimes snipers, special troops, etc. use subsonic rounds for reasons of stealth. A silencer doesn't do you very much good when the bullet sonic-booms on its way to the target.

Oh yeah.. 1000 meters is nothing for a sniper... and given your 1500 fps velocity, you'd have 2 seconds to move.


Merck To Halt Lobbying For Vaccine 544

theodp writes "Reacting to a furor from some parents, advocacy groups, and public health experts, Merck said yesterday that it would stop lobbying state legislatures to require the use of its new cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil, which acts against strains of the sexually-transmitted human papilloma virus. The $400, 3-shot regimen was approved by the FDA in June. Later that month, a federal advisory panel recommended that females 11-26 years old be vaccinated. The governor of Texas has already signed an executive order making its use mandatory for schoolgirls."
The Almighty Buck

IRS May Ask eBay To Snitch On Sellers 418

Makarand writes "The IRS thinks that many sellers on online auction sites are unaware of their obligation to declare their profits and pay their taxes to the IRS. Tax experts are now asking the IRS to require online auction sites like eBay, Yahoo, and Ubid to report the gross sales numbers for their sellers. Such a requirement will surely send a shock wave across the online trading world because it could drastically reduce the profits a seller would make on these sites. The IRS thinks it can collect an extra $2 billion in taxes from this requirement that auctioneers report sellers who complete 100 or transactions a year worth at least $5,000."
User Journal

Journal SPAM: Israel seeks all clear for Iran air strike 3

Israel is negotiating with the United States for permission to fly over Iraq as part of a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

To conduct surgical air strikes against Iran's nuclear programme, Israeli war planes would need to fly across Iraq. But to do so the Israeli military authorities in Tel Aviv need permission from the Pentagon.


Submission + - Using free wireless at library described as theft

dallas writes: "http://www.adn.com/news/alaska/story/8667098p-8559 268c.html

Using free wireless at library described as theft
PALMER: Man was tapping into library connection after hours.

Anchorage Daily News

(Published: February 24, 2007)
WASILLA — Brian Tanner was sitting in his Acura Integra recently outside the Palmer Library playing online games when a Palmer police pulled up behind him.

The officer asked him what he was doing.

Tanner, 21, was using the library's wireless Internet connection. He was told that his activity constituted theft of services and was told to leave. The next day, Sunday, police spotted him there again.

"It was kind of like, 'Well gee whiz, come on,' " police Lt. Tom Remaley said.

The police officer confiscated Tanner's laptop in order to inspect what he may have been downloading, Remaley said. Remaley on Friday said he hasn't looked inside the computer yet; he's putting together a search warrant application.

Alaska state troopers had chased Tanner off a few times at other locations, Remaley said.

Tanner said that was true. He has a device on his keychain that sniffs out wireless networks. When he found one, he would park in his neighborhood and use his $800 Dell laptop to hop on the Web. But worried neighbors summoned the troopers, who told him to park in a public place.

"I went to the public library because I go there during the day," Tanner said.

Though the library was closed, its wireless was up and running, he said.

Tanner said he was upset that he hasn't gotten his computer back yet. The police have told him he won't until the case is concluded, he said.

Jeanne Novosad, the library system manager, said the wireless connection is normally shut off when the library is closed. But the library was waiting on a technician to install a timer and the connection was left on after hours for several days, she said.

Remaley said the investigating officer is talking with the District Attorney's Office to determine whether criminal charges are warranted.

Remaley said few of these cases that he's seen have resulted in criminal prosecution.

But, "in this particular case you know he's feeding off something that we know the city of Palmer pays for and there are requirements to use it," Remaley said.

Either way, Tanner's Internet usage has been curtailed. He's got a home computer, but his parents don't let him on the Web after 9 p.m. He's been using computers at the library during the day.

He's a moderator on an online gaming site, conquerclub.com, where he plays a game similar to the board game Risk.

"It's pretty addicting," he said.

Contact Daily News reporter Andrew Wellner at 352-6710 or awellner@adn.com

Copyright © 2007 The Anchorage Daily News (www.adn.com)"

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