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Submission + - Year of the pig Google Logo censured

Staalorm writes: Using anon proxy you can see that many countries don't display the Chinese "year of the pig" logo from Google. USA has it and China too, but many European countries don't. What is the criteria Google uses not to display the piglet-logo? In previous years all countries could view the "year of the monkey" and the "year of the dog". Are Google afraid of an Islamic equivalent of the Danish cartoon-row?

Submission + - Has Microsoft Patented A Successor To Clippy?

An anonymous reader writes: IWeek blogger Alex Wolfe theorizes that Microsoft might be searching for a successor to 'Clippy, the iconic paperclip which was featured in Office from 1997 until the folks at Redmond got tired of the ridicule and retired it in 2004. The most promising candidate may be an eye with a rotating iris. What's equally notable is that Microsoft seems to be taking a page from its attempt to trademark the English word "Windows," and has patented the icon for a camcorder. Do you think this is the typical patent work of a big company, or has Microsoft got something up its sleeve here?

Submission + - Full featured version control system built on Mono

An anonymous reader writes: It seems there is a new version control system in town: Plastic SCM. The system has been built using Mono (www.go-mono.org), and it claims to be as powerful as the good old Clearcase, but user-friendly and... with a very nice GUI.

It seems to be one of the first full-featured commercial applications developed using Mono.

One of the features I really liked is that Plastic provides version trees (yes, Team System miserably fail doing that, and the CVS and Subversion graphics are far from complete), and they are rendered in 3D... yes, you can rotate your tree, put it upside down and so on... Anyone implementing something similar for SVN?

The system also implements branch inheritance, true file renaming, merge tracking, repository level ACLs, and uses a SQL database as storage (Firebird, SQL Server or Postgres).

You can watch the screencast running on Mono/Linux at their blog: http://codicesoftware.blogspot.com/2007/02/plastic -scm-running-on-sled-mono.html. A VMWare image is also available to download.

Developers may be considering making it open source.

Submission + - How much storage do you "control"?

linkedlinked writes: While looking for some old backups with a friend, we started talking about storage space, and how so many of our random files wind up in obscure places. We realized that each of us has "access" to a pretty sizable heap of storage (for college kids). I would guess that, between ftp accounts on friends' servers, random school storage space, root access to a few work servers, and my own half-dozen computers and servers, I probably have near 5-6 TB of usable storage. Out of curiosity, we decided to ask Slashdot- legality aside, how much storage space could you feasibly dominate on a whim?

Submission + - New Xbox 360 Rumored For May 1st Release

EveryNickIsTaken writes: Gameinformer.com is reporting that the oft-rumored Zephyr may in fact be getting a May 1st release. From the artcle:

Retailers have confirmed that the new SKU is in their systems, set for a May 1 release for $479.99. In addition to the new video interface, the system would also pack a 120 GB hard drive into its nifty black exterior.
HDMI, 120GB hard drive, and a new black case? At that price point, I'd say it's rather unlikely the HD-DVD drives will be included.

Journal Journal: SIP over TCP - using it in NAT friendly way

I have recently browsed through the latest SIP RFC looking for ways to be more NAT friendly for VoIP.

What I found is not very conclusive: The latest RFC indeed tries to push TCP as default transport for SIP (Yessss signalling links are making a come back) but the use of TCP connection is left to a lot of ambiguities.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Translation of Macrovision Response to Jobs on DRM 284

BoboB-69 writes "Daring Fireball has posted a humorous, and accurate PR-speak to Plain English translation of Macrovision's CEO's response to Steve Jobs' Open Letter on DRM. Highly recommended reading for slashdotters everywhere."

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