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Comment Re:It's not an interest for Microsoft either (Score 1) 143

Has there ever been a backdoor in Windows or other Microsoft products? No.

Yes, there have indeed been numerous opportunities to get complete access to Windows systems from outside. It appears that you simply prefer not to call them backdoors -- perhaps "vulnerabilites" is the first word to come to your mind. The difference is intent, and that is impossible to judge.

Comment Re:Is Isreal some small town in the US? (Score 1) 438

... it is perfectly acceptable in polite society, politics and academia these days to demonize all Israelis without considering individuals

It's a pity you had to spoil your informative, insightful and interesting post with this stupid sweeping generalisation (which, ironically, accuses of making a stupid, sweeping generalisation).

Thanks for your post anyway.

Comment Re:Celebrating Mass Murderers (Score 1) 199

It makes me really appreciate the Founders of the US. There were so many opportunities to turn this country into another Western Hemisphere dictatorship shithole and they didn't.

The irony being that the USA turned a lot of other countries into Western Hemisphere dictatorship shitholes. For example, Cuba, before Castro and his cronies 'liberated' it.

Comment Re:Depends on the source (Score 1) 749

2) Untrue: a 44kHz *sampling rate* has a 44/2=22kHz Nyquist cutoff. Frequencies f>22kHz Nyquist limit "wrap around" to f-22kHz difference frequencies.

No matter how much you repeat this, it's not true. Look it up in any textbook.

Also, your allegations about the DFT allowing a perfectly sharp cutoff aren't realistic. A perfectly sharp cutoff implies an infinitely steep transition between passband and stopband, and this can only be achieved with an infinite number of points in the DFT.

Comment Re:Depends on the source (Score 1) 749

a 25kHz tone sampled at 44kHz results in a spurious, highly audible (25-44/2)=3kHz aliasing signal

As another poster already said, no, it would result in a 19 kHz tone.

And this tone would not be audible, let alone highly audible, because the A/D conversion filter blocks frequency content above half the sample rate very effectively. (Unless you're using broken converters.)

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