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Submission + - Paul Allen No Longer Charter Chairman (

timpdx writes: Report: Paul Allen No Longer Charter Chairman
By Nikki Finke | Category: Uncategorized | Wednesday December 2, 2009 @ 4:22pm

Multichannel News is reporting today that, although Paul Allen still controls 35% of the vote, the uber-secretive gazillionaire is not listed as a board member in a recent press release announcing new appointments to Charter Communications' directors. Instead, Apollo Management partner Eric Zinterhofer, was listed as chairman of the 11-member board. "Charter would not officially comment but an executive familiar with the company confirmed that Allen is no longer chairman," the trade said. Charter just emerged from bankruptcy protection a few days ago. Allen's zillions helped create Charter, which just emerged from bankruptcy protection, through a series of acquisitions during the height of the cable consolidation frenzy.

Comment Picked 1 of 3 (Score 1) 158

Chose LAX *bzzz* Chose Virgin *ding* Chose JFK *bzzz* one of three ain't bad, must have wifi at JFK to get some work done on my 5 hour layover to the UAE. Its New York, I don't expect them to "do free" and I will be stuck paying for that part. hey, will take the free in-flight wi-fi...

Submission + - Mercedes Prototype Automatically Brakes at Redligh (

suraj.sun writes: Mercedes-Benz is experimenting with the smart intersection technology that stops the car at redlight if driver doesn't notice or doesn't care, at their R&D facility in Palo Alto, California.

Using a smart intersection, the light essentially communicates with the car. And if the driver still isn't responsive to, say, brake after several warnings of a red light, the car can stop itself.

Mercedes-Benz admits that, though the technology is "almost there," we're still a decade out from its deployment. When implemented, it won't just be about safety: cars that include the wireless transceivers can conduct a "conversation" with one other to share realtime local traffic data, as well as to warn the driver if he or she is accelerating into a stop light.

Gizmodo :

Video :

Comment Just got back from Mexico (Score 5, Interesting) 374

In response to Swine Flu, MEX airport, they have deployed an thermal camera that takes your temperature via your face. This is done before you can check in to your flight. You step in front of a ordinary looking camera, and the security officer then allows you to pass, there is a screen where you can see your own face & temp. Pretty darn accurate. Strangely enough I am sort of sick today, sore throat, but that has been going around the office.

Comment $$$ the point is $$$ (Score 1) 863

When these were installed in Portland some years ago, I distinctly remember telling my friend there "this may be convenient, but once you let these meters in, you realize, they can charge you whatever they want." While not the case in Portland, where these bastards have been installed in L.A. the rate for parking has "magically" gone from a reasonable $1.50/hr to $4!! per hour. You see, where once a dollar or $1.50 was "reasonable" for a person to pay in quarters, once the debit system is used, well, The Sky Is The Limit. L.A. has, for the moment, the highest street parking rates in the nation. That is until some other city installs these bastards and charges whatever they damn please for street parking.

Comment Re:Why not a laptop? (Score 1) 263

I disagree, in terms of Amazon following the inkjet model. You would not see $5-10 best sellers, they would be full price, Amazon would have to make the $500 cost of the Kindle up somehow. Then everyone would gripe about e-books being the same cost as a hardback bestseller ($30 and up). Thank God someone ISN'T following the inkjet model. As for me, I would rather have the Kindle over a laptop, those $400 laptops don't have batteries to last even a couple of hours. I can't stand reading on a screen, but my friend's Sony is very easy on the eyes.
Input Devices

Submission + - Humble Delete and Escape keys to get bigger (

Slatterz writes: After a year's research, Lenovo boffins have decided the time is right to install larger Delete and Escape keys on their updated ThinkPad laptop T400s range. While it is a small change, it is fairly radical to tinker with an area of hardware which has been largely unchanged since the 19th century. What convinced them to make the size-change was doing some tests on users to see which keys they use the most. They found that on average, people used the Escape and Delete keys 700 times per week, yet those were the only non-letter keys that Lenovo hasn't made any bigger.

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