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Comment Re:What's the Difference Between a Computer Salesm (Score 1) 650

The reason I believe that all the knowledge ends up in departments other than computers is that computer sales is not profitable for a store. I used to be a computer salesman while I was going to school, and the commission on a full system is something like $25 bucks for a name brand, $100 for a off name system. Best buy is profit driven, and even though Best Buy sales people don't make commission, I can see why Best Buy would want its best people in the most profitable department. To be honest effective sales of PC has inverse correlation with demonstrated technical knowledge. This is not anecdotal, this is plainly stated by the very successful computer store I used to work for. (I sucked at sales but that is not the point) Techie buyers don't buy spend much at Best Buy, so Best Buy isn't going to target them.

Comment Re:a hack (Score 1) 459

That begs the question would Thermite even show up as a suspicious substance in a airport Xray? It is not a nitrogen-based explosive, and the components of it are not exotic, heck it would probably look like a laptop battery on an Xray.

Comment Stay Local (Score 4, Informative) 262

There is a cottage industry of small engineering firms that could suit your needs in the US (assuming your in the US). Generally they are run by senior engineers who have done many projects of similar size to what you're sort of talking about. Generally the firms in China do not do their own design work, and unless you speak Chinese, the language barriers will be an extra challenge to overcome, not to mention the difference in time zones. Also don't forget you will have to gain certain regulatory approvals depending on the nature of your product, and I doubt anyone in China has much background designing the product around these requirements. Personally I think it is best to stick with a local company, or at least one in the same country as you.

Comment Re:Sounds heavy to me (Score 1) 281

Hybrid technology is being used in some commercial trucking applications already. For example hybrid garbage trucks are starting to get purchased by many cities, where they make sense due to the gains made by regenerative braking. Some local delivery trucks are also using hybrid technology. Unfortunately most tractor trailers are intended for long haul (1000+ miles), where adding complexity and weight of a hybrid doesn't make sense and would decrease mileage, and/or increase maintenance cost. The easiest solution to improve gas-mileage of a tractor-trailer would be to redesign them to be more aerodynamic. The could put a shroud between the cab and the trailer. They could put ground effects around the tires. The could put movable panels (which could be designed not to interfere with docks) to smooth the air flow off the back of the trailer. They could design windshields of the trucks to be angled like in modern cars.

Though the general population resists style changes, if a manufacturer could find a large trucking company and get them to replace their fleet with aerodynamic trucks the rest of the industry would slowly follow suit.

BTW a tractor-trailer has a very low MPG somewhere near 6 MPG

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