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Comment Timers not Cameras (Score 1) 348

When I come up to a RLC intersection, my whole body tenses up. I watch for one thing - that damn yellow light! How many times have you been behind an 18 wheeler and been unable to see any part of the light? Very frustrating indeed. When a camera goes up, watch for the speed limit to increase in that area. This reduces reaction time. Let's not forget about yellow light tinkering to increase the ticket count. This whole thing - it's about safety - is total BS... and everyone knows it.

Here is my proposed solution: If the city wants to put up a red light camera, fine go for it. But it can only be erected if that light is outfitted with a very clear timer device. The end result is the contract company will completely pull out because their revenue will dry up. With a timer, you instantly have a safer intersection. With a safer intersection, you have less accidents and save more money than would be made pissing off every citizen and passerby caught in the snarls of the evil RLC.

Comment Less Showers/Cool Showers (Score 1) 160

Aside from not using these antibacterial soaps which have questionable possible toxicity to people, folks probably need to stop bathing and showering so much. Think about it - you lather up under that hot water soaping every inch of you body. All of your natural oils are now stripped giving bacteria a much easier pathway under your skin.

Other things to keep in mind:
Keep the water only luke warm and try not to soap areas that don't need it - like your face and neck (unless maybe you have a beard).
You are probably getting an unhealthy dose of fluoride and chlorine as you shower.
There is evidence that showers especially hot ones with soap strip away beneficial natural oils that protect the skin from bad bugs.
That oil needs to sit on your skin for up to 48 hours to induce a proper "soaking" of vitamin D after sun exposure. Yeah you might get smelly so wash your pits and groin only and you'll be fine.

For the record, I love a shower just as much as the next guy (or gal). But I see nothing wrong in questioning our ways if it can lead to improved health.

Comment Re:Unlimited 'til it's not (Score 1) 348

Took a while but I found the contradicting statements (I'm sure there are plenty more). I quit AT&T U-verse because of the data caps. I was happy with the service and didn't mind paying a bit more for stability versus cable. And yet every time I read about their shenanigans, I get that much more fired up!

So what do customers like again AT&T? Or is the next infallible survey going to be that we would prefer to sign over all bank accounts, stock, and even our first born to you as well? Mark my words AT&T, your time of corruption is coming to a close. Someone will leap frog you before you know it... and I will be first in line to greet them with open arms. In the meantime, raise some hell and file a complaint with the FCC.

Unlimited texts
AT&T: "The vast majority of our messaging customers prefer unlimited plans and with text messaging growth stronger than ever, that number continues to climb among new customers," AT&T said in a statement today as explanation.

Broadband caps
AT&T: Our new plan addresses another concern: customers strongly believe that only those who use the most bandwidth should pay more than those who don't use as much.

Comment Let them know the customer is the boss! (Score 3, Interesting) 538

It simply makes no sense imposing data caps these days. Think about how much more data you use than you did just a few years ago - Streaming services (Netflix, Hulu), digital distribution (Steam, D2D, Amazon), general content, etc.

Time Warner tried this in Austin a couple years ago and it backfired on them. They lost a load of customers. I actually switched to U-verse because of it. They ended scrapping the whole idea. This is their chance to shine and announce: "no data limits" "we miss you come back and enjoy all the Internet" As far as the whole "98% of users won't be impacted by this change" BS... I'm going to call BS on that and go a little further. Even if people don't hit the cap, they like having the unlimited option available. Example: If my hard drive crashes, I have over 300GB of games to download from steam. And that's only the ones I'm currently playing!

Call them and complain (be firm but be nice). I called and got disconnected the first round after a 5 minute hold. The second time when the automated system asked why I was calling I said "I'm pissed off!" I was immediately connected to a rep! The rep said he didn't know anything about it. His supervisor said the same thing.

And if they still go through with this crap - switch. Vote with your wallet folks!

Comment Re:makes me proud to be a canadian (Score 1) 526

As I said, the comment makes people flare up. Flamebait. Doesn't matter what side you're own. From not RTFA and only the headline, this senator sounds like a piece of work indeed. I don't know about yall, but I thought his comments (from not RTFA) sounded like text book RIAA, MPAA responses. Anyway, I'm done with this particular sup-thread.

Comment My wallet thanks EA and DRM (Score 5, Informative) 554

EA has literally saved me hundreds of dollars thanks to their absurd DRM approach. Instead of buying BioShock, Spore, Mass Effect, etc, I've been able to pocket all that cash. It basically boils down to this: No one tells me how many times I can install something on my computer! How many times a year do I reinstall my OS? No one takes control of my computer and shuts down programs I'm using! Get a clue EA.

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