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Comment Not All servers.... (Score 1) 94

"IBM is betting big on cloud and other services, having spun off its hardware units like servers and PCs to Lenovo" IBM still sells a lot of hardware. They mostly sell "big iron" stuff with higher profit margins than commodity Intel based servers. They still manufacture servers based on the Power processor, running AIX UNIX and IBMi (formerly AS/400). They still manufacture mainframes. Plus, they are still a big player in the enterprise storage server market. I'm guessing quite a number of patents still come from their hardware. Especially since it is mostly proprietary hardware, including the processors, etc. There wasn't much to patent (in comparison) in the Intel server and PC markets.

Comment Re: Mass Bribery? [Re:So...] (Score 2) 338

No, it's not an indicator of ignorance and stigma, it's an indicator of age. While growing up we'd hear about AIDS being spread, not HIV. Using the term HIV or HIV/AIDS didn't come until much later.

I call BS on this one. I grew up in the 70's and 80's. While the term AIDS did come out first (about 82), the virus that caused AIDS was labeled as HIV, in 86. I was there. I remember being told about HIV/AIDS when I was in high school and I knew the difference (and still do). You are/were ignorant and are just trying to cover your tracks.

This is so high in such a small portion of the population that the Red Cross and other blood donation organizations make that behavior a bar against donating blood. I've seen gay rights advocacy groups call for a lift on that ban to avoid the stigma and I fear for the future of humanity if they are successful.

There is no reason to continue the ban on homosexual's giving blood. Not all homosexuals are high risk, the blood is thoroughly tested now days, and do you really think every homosexual tells the truth about their sexuality when giving blood?

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