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Comment Re:Tell me about it (Score 0) 355

Seriously getting sick of man-made climate change deniers, like yourself. Man-made climate change is a scientific fact. There are many thousands of scientific papers and support . With hardly anything scientifically feasible to counter it.

You only need to do some simple research.

But, if you want, a lazy/easy start is wikipedia. I'm not talking about the wikipedia article itself. Start by reading through the references at the bottom (i.e. find the link and read the original article or periodical).

That would be a start. After reading through the 135 references, start looking up the many thousands of peer reviews papers.

Comment Re:"This is a really thing that's happened" (Score 2) 195

You need to read the article more closely. He said "This is a really exciting thing that’s happened," and continued with "We’ve been approached to do a crewed mission beyond the Moon...[and these passengers] are very serious about it. We plan to do that probably [with] Dragon 2 spacecraft with the Falcon Heavy rocket.”

The "exciting thing" that happened was being approached to do the mission. He is not saying the mission has happened yet.

Comment Things change... (Score 1) 156

I agree with the assessment. I also think the advent of social media and smart phones/tablets have added to negative views of technology. Most of us now have a small portable computer (which also makes phone calls) that we can pull out, at a stop light, and check Facebook, etc, etc. So there are real physical dangers in the current era of computing. I'm guessing nobody in the 1980's imagined anything like that while they were on their Commodore 64 and watching Computer Chronicles on PBS.

Comment Re:No, SLS Is Going to Be Moth-Balled (Score 1) 317

While I like the idea of commercial space. The reality is, government funded space programs are necessary (at least initially). Despite what Musk and others say, there is no financial/commercial gain in sending people (or rovers) to the moon or Mars. Selling the idea to investors is difficult. There is a good chance people will die. There is a chance the spacecraft won't make it back. There is almost no return on investment. No investor is going to buy into that. Government space programs will need to lead the way and prove the technology and capability, well before commercial programs. SpaceX wouldn't be as big as it is today, without government contracts from NASA. Even their planned Mars "red dragon" capsule will be assisted by NASA. You can call the SpaceX flights to the space station "commercial", but it is really not much different than NASA hiring various contractors to build a rocket (like the Saturn V or space shuttle).

Comment Re: Prepare for deluge of stupid (Score 2) 481

Ars is a sickening bastion of groupthink, though.

I agree. I can't read the comments there anymore. If people disagree with the article, they get lambasted by The Ars Borg. That's becoming the "increasingly non-natural" norm in society.

I'm actually tired of the "group think" which deny's the fact of man-made climate change. It is real. It is a scientifically proven fact. That is the real reason you get lambasted for disagreeing. Your disagreement is a denial of facts.

Comment Re: Prepare for deluge of stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 481

Global warming is one of many results of man-made climate change. Both terms have been used interchangeably by the media since the mid 1970's and they are not the same thing. Man-made climate change is very real and is a proven fact. Not just because Al Gore created a documentary about 10 years ago. But, because thousands of climate scientists worldwide have come to the same conclusion. The only "hoax" is that so many conservative politicians, oil companies and conservative talk show hosts have tried to counter real science and unfortunately many people believe them and politicize it (which gets in the way of real scientific research).

Comment Re:Sprint is great... (Score 1) 78

I traveled to Malaysia last year (2016). And I was still on Sprint. So, yes, I did research Sprint before I left. Perhaps their global roaming doesn't seem expensive to you, but, it does to me. $0.20 per minute voice and only 2G for free? 3G speeds in Malaysia cost $50 for 2 weeks and 500GB limit. To me, that is expensive. I ended up bringing an unlocked GSM phone and buy a local prepaid SIM card. For about $20, I had 9GB of 4G data for 30 days and free local voice and text. Unlocked GSM (on AT&T's Go plan) is all I use now. CDMA carriers, like Sprint, are way too expensive for me, while travelling overseas.

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