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Comment Re:No, SLS Is Going to Be Moth-Balled (Score 1) 293

While I like the idea of commercial space. The reality is, government funded space programs are necessary (at least initially). Despite what Musk and others say, there is no financial/commercial gain in sending people (or rovers) to the moon or Mars. Selling the idea to investors is difficult. There is a good chance people will die. There is a chance the spacecraft won't make it back. There is almost no return on investment. No investor is going to buy into that. Government space programs will need to lead the way and prove the technology and capability, well before commercial programs. SpaceX wouldn't be as big as it is today, without government contracts from NASA. Even their planned Mars "red dragon" capsule will be assisted by NASA. You can call the SpaceX flights to the space station "commercial", but it is really not much different than NASA hiring various contractors to build a rocket (like the Saturn V or space shuttle).

Comment Re: Prepare for deluge of stupid (Score 2) 481

Ars is a sickening bastion of groupthink, though.

I agree. I can't read the comments there anymore. If people disagree with the article, they get lambasted by The Ars Borg. That's becoming the "increasingly non-natural" norm in society.

I'm actually tired of the "group think" which deny's the fact of man-made climate change. It is real. It is a scientifically proven fact. That is the real reason you get lambasted for disagreeing. Your disagreement is a denial of facts.

Comment Re: Prepare for deluge of stupid (Score 2, Insightful) 481

Global warming is one of many results of man-made climate change. Both terms have been used interchangeably by the media since the mid 1970's and they are not the same thing. Man-made climate change is very real and is a proven fact. Not just because Al Gore created a documentary about 10 years ago. But, because thousands of climate scientists worldwide have come to the same conclusion. The only "hoax" is that so many conservative politicians, oil companies and conservative talk show hosts have tried to counter real science and unfortunately many people believe them and politicize it (which gets in the way of real scientific research).

Comment Re:Sprint is great... (Score 1) 78

I traveled to Malaysia last year (2016). And I was still on Sprint. So, yes, I did research Sprint before I left. Perhaps their global roaming doesn't seem expensive to you, but, it does to me. $0.20 per minute voice and only 2G for free? 3G speeds in Malaysia cost $50 for 2 weeks and 500GB limit. To me, that is expensive. I ended up bringing an unlocked GSM phone and buy a local prepaid SIM card. For about $20, I had 9GB of 4G data for 30 days and free local voice and text. Unlocked GSM (on AT&T's Go plan) is all I use now. CDMA carriers, like Sprint, are way too expensive for me, while travelling overseas.

Comment Re:Sprint is great... (Score 1) 78

Actually Sprint and Verizon (CDMA) are crap, if you travel internationally. I'm not sure where you traveled, but international (outside of Canada, USA and Mexico) voice and data are expensive on Sprint (at least in SE Asia). The beauty of having unlocked GSM phones is that you can purchase a cheap local SIM card in whatever country you are in and get great 4G (sometimes it drops to 3G) data and free local calls.

Comment Re:Saturated Market (Score 1) 78

I would completely flip your list. Mostly because Sprint has no 4G in my area and constantly drops calls. We don't have TMobile, so we are left with Verizon and AT&T. (and cheap carriers and prepaids who use their towers). If Sprint were not shitty here and if we had TMobile, I would likely agree with your list, although lately I've been partial to GSM phones (AT&T / TMobile). They are much nicer to travel internationally with.

Comment Sprint is great... (Score 1) 78

Sprint is great....if you live in a city where Sprint has 4G, if you don't travel in rural areas, and if you don't travel internationally. I tried Sprint a few years ago to save money. However, I quickly discovered (should have asked more questions, instead of making assumptions) that they do not have 4G in my city (as far as I know, they still don't). I also travel in rural areas, about once a month, to visit relatives. I had frequent dropped calls (and sometimes no calls) while in rural areas. Also, since Sprint and Verizon are on CDMA, they don't work well (or at least, not as cheaply) as GSM phones do. I switched to AT&T Go (prepaid). I love it. It is fairly cheap ($55 for unlimited text, data in US, Candada and Mexico, 8Gb of rollover data). It is on the AT&T network, it is GSM. I have 4G again, it works well in rural areas and my GSM phone works well internationally.

Comment Re:Asimov's quote (Score 1) 366

You are free to believe what you want. But, man made climate change is a proven fact. It is happening. Someone who denies a fact is a "denier". Someone who is unaware of a fact is ignorant. (The term "ignorant" is not necessarily a negative term. I'm ignorant of many things). So, these terms are only defining people who either deny facts, or are ignorant of facts.

Comment Re:There's competition now? (Score 1) 63

I switched to Sprint from Verizon (to save money) a few years ago. I quickly discovered they didn't have 4G coverage where I live. About a year later, I managed to get out of my Sprint contract. I now use AT&T Go (prepaid) service. I'm on their $60 plan ($55 with autopay). I get unlimited talk and text in USA, Mexico and Canada, and 8GB data, that rolls over. I rarely use over 5 GB. Plus I get 4G service almost everywhere I go and no more dropped calls. It works for me.

Comment How a Trump Presidency will affect me... (Score 1) 1560

I've had conservative friends try to convince me that a Trump presidency will not affect me directly and that I should not be worried, etc. They think a Trump presidency may even help me, with lower taxes, etc. I'm a white male living in the upper midwest. So, on the onset, it doesn't look like it will affect me in any way. Except... that I'm gay and I also work for a healthcare company.

While I am concerned about conservative, anti-gay justices being nominated to the Supreme Court, under Trump (especially while the GOP controls all of congress), I don't think the Supreme Court will repeal gay marriage. One particular Executive Order from President Obama, states that the federal government and its contractors cannot fire and employee because of his or her sexual orientation. This affects me, because the company I work for, is a government contractor and follows this order. If the Trump administration repeals this order (along with many others they have threatened to repeal), I could be fired for being openly gay.

Right after the election, the governor of my state talked to Mike Pence, who basically stated that our state shouldn't expect any more federal help with Medicaid. The company I work for, partially relies on Medicaid payments. While I'm not likely to get fired because of this, I likely will not receive much (if any) in the way of pay raises.

So, does a Trump administration directly affect me? Absolutely. Don't even get me started about my non-white partner.

It is going to be a rough 4 years (if he lasts that long).

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