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Moore is not equally on everyone's side  *Tuesday September 26, 2000 @02:25PM  2
That won't work  *Tuesday September 26, 2000 @02:22PM  2
Some answers from an outsider  *Tuesday September 26, 2000 @08:37AM  2
   attached to Transmeta Claims Five Year Lead Over Intel/AMD
My personal outlook complaint  *Saturday September 23, 2000 @04:44PM  2
   attached to Return Address: Arrogance, MS [IN PROGRESS]
Not just the suits  *Friday September 15, 2000 @04:00PM  2
It really doesn't try to use copyright law?  *Friday September 15, 2000 @03:43PM  2
   attached to Sun Finds & Exploits Hole in the GPL
Amazon will go soon  *Monday September 11, 2000 @02:54AM  3
   attached to To Restart
Why not dual license?  *Thursday September 07, 2000 @08:09AM  5
   attached to Python 1.6 Incompatible w/ GPL
Absolutely  *Thursday September 07, 2000 @04:43AM  5
I will name a school  *Thursday September 07, 2000 @04:28AM  3
   attached to Questioning The IT Labor Shortage
Um, that is what patent law is FOR  *Wednesday September 06, 2000 @08:14AM  2
   attached to RSA Released Into The Public Domain
5.6.1 will be coming shortly  *Monday September 04, 2000 @04:31AM  2
   attached to Perl 5.7.0 Released
This is becoming a fundamental issue  *Saturday September 02, 2000 @06:34AM  3
   attached to Funding Linux TCP/IP Stack Documentation Project?
IMO Von Neumann is right  *Wednesday August 30, 2000 @03:30AM  2
   attached to SETI results by Scientific American
Why not Perl?  *Thursday August 24, 2000 @04:21PM  2
   attached to 3rd Annual ICFP Programming Contest Announced
Novell has some links  *Thursday August 24, 2000 @03:12AM  3
   attached to Windows 2000 Directory Support Without Losing Unix?
Re:Rated a failure  *Thursday August 24, 2000 @02:19AM  2
Rated a failure  *Wednesday August 23, 2000 @09:16AM  2
It's for real  *Wednesday August 23, 2000 @09:12AM  5
   attached to The World's Most Secure OS (?)
No  *Saturday August 19, 2000 @04:07PM  2
Win95 is not truly pre-emptive  *Saturday August 19, 2000 @12:59PM  2
   attached to The NEW Linux Myth Dispeller
Steve McConnell has a good chapter about this  *Saturday August 19, 2000 @12:25PM  4
   attached to What Kind of Office Space Do You Want to Work In?
The VAR market  *Friday August 18, 2000 @05:41PM  2
   attached to IBM Kills project Monterey
I hope not from Matt's Software Script Archives  *Friday August 18, 2000 @05:25PM  2
   attached to Notes From the Cathedral

One good reason why computers can do more work than people is that they never have to stop and answer the phone.