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Comment It can't end well (Score 1) 514

If Khan is the new villain (and dispatched, note: haven't seen the movie yet), and Vulcan the planet is destroyed; where will Kirk and the crew be so that they are not stranded on Earth when the Whale Probe (from Star Trek IV : The Voyage Home) comes calling. In the reboot, there are still no humpback whales on Earth. And thinking about it, Spock wont be killed requiring them to go to the Genesis planet and get exiled to Vulcan.

Comment Proposed School Year (Score 1) 729

Fall/Spring Semester - first Wednesday in September to second Friday in December with a 1-2 week break in the middle for mid-term break to study for mid-term exams. Christmas Holidays - from secondary Friday in December to first Monday in January unless it is New Year's Day then the second Monday - a 3 week holiday Spring/Summer Semester - first/second Monday in January to Last Friday in June with a 1-2 week break in the middle for mid-term break to study for mid-term exams Summer Holidays - Last Friday in June to first Wednesday in September - 2 months and 1 week summer break Separate days off given for President's birthdays, religious holidays (if allowed), Martin Luther King day, Memorial Day, etc. It gives teachers and students more off days but does not make the summer break so long.

Comment What's the R, in James R. Kirk? (Score 1) 368

Hi Mr. Shatner, this has always bugged me. In the third episode of Star Trek season 1 (Where No Man Has Gone Before (I think it's the second pilot), your name listed on the grave stone created by Gary Lockwood is James R. Kirk (it can be clearly seen at about a minute or two before the end), what does the R. stand for? We all know about Tiberius but R. thanks

Comment RIM RIP (Score 3, Funny) 305

RIM has three options. 1) Continue the course they are on and become a niche player in smartphone market. 2) Transition to Android, port their systems to this new O/S and maintain their viability. 3) Get purchased by third party who transitions RIM's systems to third party's systems. An Apple purchase would be sweet as it would get Apple access to BBM and Enterprises, kill off competing Pad. Purchase by MS would mean port to WP7 (embrace, extend, extinguish). Purchase by Android marker would give similar outcome as an Apple purchase. as I see it (aisi)

Comment the way to Mars and further is thru the Moon (Score 1) 508

there are several technologies known and unknown that need to be developed and perfected before we go to Mars and farther out. Some can be tested in low earth orbit but several also require some micro gravity and resources which the Moon provides. Mars is at least a 9 month trip at best; if there are problems encountered then we pretty much right of the astronauts. the Moon gives us a chance to test the technologies, etc. if there is a failure, rescue is possible as the moon is only 3 days away.

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