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Comment Re:Where's the data? What about KDE? (Score 3, Insightful) 429

The problems discovered were pretty much valid stuff for either desktop - and we tested both desktops. Once the first wave of geeks has lost interest in the site and it passes the frontpage of slashdot, you might want to go back and discover that there are KDE videos up too, if that is really important.

Both desktops suffer from similar problems anyway. Test one and it very likely applies to the other as well.

Also, more importantly, whatever was tested was a mix. It was a distro with both "KDE" and "Gnome" applications - whether it was "gnome panel" or "kde kicker" that displayed the main menu is pretty much irrelevant when the user doesnt find the right menu entry. The labels are the same anyway since they come from the software packages.

It's about time we started to look at the real world: people use a diverse mix of software - whatever does the job, whatever their sysadmins or distro packages for them. We should care about the whole "free desktop", not just one single project really.

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