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The Internet

Submission + - Fraudsters work MySpace for Russian dating scam

thefickler writes: If an attractive Russian woman contacts you after being intrigued by your MySpace profile, chances are she's not Russian, not a woman, and not really interested in you. What he or she is probably trying to do is to suck you into into the so called Russian Dating Scam. That's the experience of one Australian man who was recently the target of such a deception.

Submission + - Confustion over Vista cause of most support calls (

harsha_c writes:, a "Instant Technology Relief" support website that opened its doors to troubled techies in June, has released survey results from its first month of business. The number one reason for support calls? Vista questions.From a pool of 1,000 users that inquired about technical help, 77 percent needed help with Vista. Of those inquiring about Vista, 30 percent needed help navigating around Vista's new Aero user interface. According to Anthony Rodio, the chief marketing director of, the three main issues were navigation problems, device incompatibility, and home networking issues. Consumers are having a hard time with Aero because of the changes between Vista and the Windows 2000 and XP user interfaces. customers were also complaining about device issues, which were mostly attributed to outdated drivers that needed to be brought up to speed with Vista. Lastly, customers complained about home networking issues in which Vista users were not able to see Windows XP computers connected to their home network.

Submission + - Halluc II the Transformer tank robot runs on Linux

Gary writes: "Halluc II a robot developed by Japan's Chiba institute of technology has 8 wheels and a lot of sensors. It can move in six mysterious ways, including going forward, sideways, up steps and slopes. Weighing 44 pounds and at 31 inches long it is powered by an AMD Geode Processor at 800 Mhz. The eight wheeled cockroach fuses robot and automobile technology and works off a Linux OS."

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