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Comment Re:As well they should (Score 1) 347

And the alternative is? Communism? Nice idea, but it has been shown to fail by history. You said to look at history, but if you do, you see that most of the world has been capitalist for a long time, and it has worked out pretty well so far. Yes, you get depressions, but you also get highs, one tending to follow the other.

Human nature has not evolved to share. It has not evolved to look for the best for everyone else, it has evolved to look after itself. That is why communism fails, even though, in an ideal situation, it would be the perfectly fair option. People suffer regardless, but you cannot say that there are more people suffering in the UK, USA or EU than did in the USSR.

Comment Re:Gnome 3 (Score 1) 249

The main hit for me coming from ubuntu to fedora, was the complete lack of any vital but non-free (as in freedom) software in the package repositories. You either go get it yourself, or find a repo that has it. Ubuntu has one package, "Ubuntu restricted extras" which does it all for you. That was nice.

Comment Re:people are stealing user info (Score 1) 303

But what if you have multiple computers? Or don't just use firefox, like me? That's the problem with leaving it all up to your browser. Lose your hard disk? Bye bye passwords.

A different password for every account is overkill. You just need a few, like one for services you don't trust, one for services you do, and one for your computers.
America Online

Submission + - Spam & Pornstars: Q+A With a Tween Hacker Phen (motherboard.tv)

HansonMB writes: Mike Pulaski, a self-taught programming child prodigy, reverse engineered AOL’s instant messenger system, wrote a list-serve program that was a precursor to Napster, and earned boat loads of cash from the sale of software he developed himself – all by the age of 13.

By 16 he had parlayed his skills into a lucrative and luxurious lifestyle spamming for the porn industry, a gig he invented that earned him more money than both of his parents combined.

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