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Comment whats wrong with this world? (Score 0) 285

you cant even ban what you know is bad for everyone. i don't like Monsanto, i have a bad opinion of them. i would be more agreeable with GM crops if they were properly tested and properly approved. not approved before testing, and not putting it in the food supply without testing. now the stuff cant even be banned? YOU WILL EAT GM FOOD! sad sad world...if there is more to the story, they should share, not act as if they are too elite. this is how the revolutions in most countries started. the political peoples not talking to the people, and doing whatever they wanted anyway. but it doesn't matter, 90% will just lay back and take it, that's what the high levels of fluoride do...

Comment there would be a lil prob with tech... (Score 0) 577

like M$ sold windows xp for more than 5 years. should other companies also be allowed to sell the same os at the same time? doesn't seem right to me. perhaps if the current tech is no longer supported/updated. this also opens a large loophole for companies who will release a patch to whatever once a year just to say their updating it. personally, i don't believe in any intellectual rights and think patents are way way too long. none of its there to help or be nice to the people, like the stories we get from big govt. like for instance, music. if its good, people will buy it. if it isn't, they wont. you don't need some extra protection on it. if it sucks, it sucks and only 13 year olds will buy it. tho if it is good, people will buy it and for a long time. pink floyd, the beatles and greatful dead are all still making profits for the company.

Comment Re:Hate to put a damper on the celebration (Score 0) 594

pay the lawyers? their on retainer. if the company goes belly up, someone will buy the rights to it, everything is owned anymore. wouldn't it be nice to have them big ceos and politicians tell the truth for a day? would the market fall? would there be civil war in every nation? i just know their going to lie cheat steal and keep anything entertaining away from the lower classes. just like the mid ages, its a class based system. the millionaires have been so far removed from society someone actually thinks drm is a good idea. not only is drm a good idea, but tossing anyone in prison who wants ot play a game is a better idea. lets make thier cellmate a psychotic murder that they have to spend every waking moment with for 5 years. that will teach them to play games!

Comment Re:Hate to put a damper on the celebration (Score 0) 594

fight piracy by making the game imposable to play! i cant wait for the cracked version myself. since i dont have a broadband connection, i cant play a single player game on my computer. i learned my lesson with fallout new vegas. after i bought that, and let steam grind for almost a week and was no closer to being able to play, i went lookin for a pirated version. now i can play! it only has to be illegal. about the patch...i never found a patch for the ligit game, i had to download the completely steam free version. took 3 trips to mc d's to get it all done. i still havent seen a patch. i would love to find some sorta anti steam patch. i want to hear about lulsec or whatever hacking group take down steam, like they did sonys ps3 network. then maybe the companies would start being nice again. piracy is going to happen. if all the studies that have been done about it were released, it would paint a totally different picture. its almost like the govt and the big companies want you to believe they are charging you huge amounts of money because thats hte only way they can make any. but the truth is that piracy accounts for a very small percentage of things. like fake levi's, their out there, but dont hurt the company that much. if be more than happy to buy a steam free version. but i wont pay more for it. we should celebrate when the pirated version hits usenet, then we can all play the game!

Comment well then (Score 0) 423

them tricky terrorist found a way to get money out of gamestop. so, i cant sell a game i have in order to stop a suicide bomber. that means that gamestop supports suicide bombers. and suicide bombers need used games. as posted earlier, they need to stop selling crappy games with no ability to play over and over. they also need to make it so you dot need a broandband connection to play a single player game. i really liked fallout. but i couldn't play fallout vegas, it used STEAM. i had to wait for the cracked version before i could play it. thanks ripping groups! if that game was made so anyone could play it, they would have made another 65 bucks from me. same with civ5, and many others. i cant buy games anymore, all of em use Steam. or, i could buy them, buy couldn't use them, and now i cant sell them cause that would support a suicide bomber, somehow. how come every chance people have to make a lil bit of money, someone there is ready to shout out for the companies. i mean, are there really people out there so shallow and separated from the world that they actually think what their doing is right?

Comment Re:There are no repercussions, across the board (Score 0) 369

democracy? voting?? we get the govt they give us. what if noone voted, how many votes would they count? this is no more a democracy than i am prince philip... its an oligarchy/police state with communistic ties (everything cost the same). if tehre was real compition, would a movie ticket differ in price, from state to state? how about a new cd? pair of jeans? loaf of bread? can of soup? its all the same price within a few cents. all the pizza on the frozen food isle is owned by 2 companies. this is freedom? it looks liek a duopoly giving the image of such things. makes me think of 1984....we were always at peace with iraq...

Comment Re:Revolving Door (Score -1) 123

what was he supposed to do after he left his govt job? never work again? so i would have to pay tax money to support him, how much would his non working salary be? should we prohibit federal employees from working in any corp of more than 500 people? that would be, mean...

Comment bad programming? (Score 0) 197

my question, how does a webpage override a program that's actually on your computer? it doesn't seem like rocket science to me. i only know a tad about mirc scripting, and and-if-else pops into my head. the way it sounds, safari and internet exploder want to make the internet comply to them. whereas they should actually do what they advertize. the worlds worst browser doesn't have much of a leg to stand on, i'm not sure where safari falls into this. but if the browsers were truly secure, there shouldn't be a prob. i am not a fan of google. i do not agree with that blasted google anylitics (sp) everywhere. if you click secure, it should be somewhat secure, not spark a lawsuit because they don't want to do actual programming. it really seems like they want the image of being secure, but do not actually want it to be. like most things. laptop encryption is in court atm, what about smart phone encryption? also, wanting to be secure is on the list of the fbis 'you could be a terrorist if...' statement. they only want it to look like its secure, not actually be secure.

Comment Re:U.S. is not to blame. (Score 1) 444

well, the US is to blame. for it not going to war with unwarranted reasoning, it would not have happened. but it wasn't a weapons of mass destruction, it was the whole mid easy. 1 at a time. we had to totally destroy their infrastructure, medical and educational framework, because it was better than ours. like Norton AV from the earlier 80's, a true American company. put your name on things that are not yours, sell things that you did not right, violate every copyright there is, buy the competition out because they are better than you, then throw everything away. a true american company mr norton died when he was about 35 from severe alcoholism, prolly brought on by the stress caused by stealing and underhandedness. tis the american way tho. we couldn't let a 'terrorist' nation have anything better than we do. then again, this stuff happens in war.

Comment i wan one!! (Score 0) 128

free tv! the way it should be. used to be free, commercials paid for the content, long as enough people watched the ads, they were satisfied. today, you have to pay a rather huge sum to get the tv stations, most of it is crap and wouldn't be watched. the commercials don't even make sense for the most part. anyway what did this guy do? he sold something that was shipped to him. it looked ligit....but, it wasn't. this looks like what sopa would look like. jsujt arrest the lot, seize everything. he will get nothing back, destroy his life, long as he didn't pirate (knowingly or not) a tv show and cost the corporation 3852752498567892347614891 trillion dollars. maybe their trying to run the world 100 years in the past...still grasping onto physical things. this is a new age, embrace it

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