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Submission + - Ad on Slashdot's Front Page Killing Site (

ticklejw writes: "There is a Blu-Ray ad on Slashdot's front page that is killing the site in Firefox 3.0.4 on Linux (in my case, Ubuntu Intrepid). I don't expect you to post this story seriously, but I couldn't find a better way to let you guys know. What happens is thus: the site seems to load just fine, until the flash starts playing. Then, the little square ad (it's one of the right-side square guys, not the top-bar banner things) animates in the top left corner of a blank white page, no other slashdot content being present. This is probably a non-free Adobe Flash Player bug honestly, but I thought you guys should know that either way the ad makes me unable to see your site until I refresh enough times that a different ad plays. Again, this is a Sony Blu-Ray ad; it starts with a blue background, then animates some stuff about blu-ray including clips from The 300 and a few others, and then stops with an image of 8 DVDs "FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!!!" Here's proof, with Firebug showing the DOM of the rendered page."
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Submission + - Redoing Your Whole Data Center From Scratch

ticklejw writes: "I am the system administrator for a division of a university, and have been taking care of a few old-ish Linux servers that were mostly set up by people before me. We originally handled a very few websites for the university. Over the years this has grown significantly and a few mission-critical web applications have been added, but our methodologies haven't matured with our departmental demands. I'm getting a whole bunch of VMs soon and have been instructed to "start from scratch and do it right." If you had the chance to rebuild your entire setup, how would you do it? Or, if you've had this opportunity, did you hit any snags that you wish you had anticipated?"

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