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Comment Re:Let's think this through. It is important news. (Score 1) 21

50% being used on somebody's lap.

And 10% of those are holding them between their thighs while driving away from a McDonald's drive through.

So that's around 850 that could be in close contact with somebody's groin region Let's assume that 50% of those laptops are owned by males, (or just something that has a penis)

"There is no such thing a a re-####-e-o-to-my" ~Brad Williams

Comment Wait, Wait, Now Hear This . . . (Score 1) 122

Missouri teen, is suing parents for corruption of a minor, child endangerment, emotional distress, and negligence. It seems the teen recently acquired a Facebook account and went creeping on their parents pages. The material found was termed as 'disturbing', 'borderline pornography' and 'disgusting' by the teen. Most the of the outrage centers around the father's posting of meme's with sexual content and nudes.

Comment Re:"Computer Science Education" (Score 1) 125

While that's a stunning piece of data and sadly true, what do you expect? We let parents dictate what their children should be taught, how their children should be taught and by whom they should be taught. We fail to prepare teachers for the classroom, graduate them with little to no classroom experience, put in place programs to support them and then allow those program to be cut or fail. Students come to school tired, hungry, and are often afraid to walk down the halls for fear of being accosted by fellow students. While I am a true fan of the underlying concept of Common Core, it's implementation is lacking in some areas (and no I'm not referring to how they teach math) we're pushing directed instruction all the way down to pre-K where we know it doesn't work and the high-stakes testing that comes along with Common Core has evolved into a nightmare of wasted time and resources.

Comment Re:Laugh (Score 4, Funny) 125

'perform certain actions, motions or gestures, such as to smile, blink, or tilt his or her head.'

As if Amazon isn't bad enough, now it's just downright creepy.'

Creepy isn't quite the word that comes to mind, more like pervy.
Just what "certain actions, motions or gestures" we talkin' 'bout here? Just wanna know if I'm gonna have to clean up afterward...

Comment Re:to hell with devs (Score 1) 91

Because sadly being innocent is not a defense and while you may not automatically lose due to your lack of legal representation, you also won't necessarily win because your innocent. Failure to respond, fully and properly to a lawsuit can lead to a costly loss. As can lack of procedural knowledge, past case law, etc.

This is one of the great inequities in U.S. law, a complainant with sufficient resources can prevail due to the defendants lack of resources. A unending series or motions, court filings, etc. can be financially devastating.

Comment Re:So it's reversable at home? (Score 2) 287

When the wife decided she was done, I manned up and Did The Right Thing(tm). I read a bit about what's involved in tying a woman's tubes and it's pretty much a no brainer. The risks to a woman are simply too high and it's a much more invasive procedure. Plus if my girlfriend gets preggers, it wasn't me.

Comment Re:So, Donald Trump had a good idea? (Score 3, Funny) 69

Uh, not just no.

There's an entire universe between the excrement that Trump spews and using AI, heuristics, machine learning, etc. to identify terrorists or more likely terrorist like behavior. If nothing else this would give humans searching for terrorists a place to start. It would be a constant arms race but, it is certainly worth the try.

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