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Comment But wait, there's more (Score 1) 3

He also claims that:

Obviously "don't use Pulse Audio" doesn't help with the vision of having a unified Linux audio backend.

I didn't know it was firefox's mandate to envision anything in the name of linux. As an open source project they should understand the benefit, even need, to allow different tools according to the job, in this case audio backends. It's not like ALSA is an obscure API -- It's the native kernel API that even PulseAudio uses! It should ALWAYS be supported!

Comment Privacy Badger (Score 5, Informative) 103

Why not just have a per-site identity? In other words, tracking cookies become worthless because they can't follow you from site to site.

You have, in effect, described EFF's Privacy Badger addon. It works heuristically to block cookies from leaking from their original domains, except when told otherwise (some exceptions are included by default -- so-called yellowlist, check out "How does Privacy Badger work?" section). I've been using it for some time and seems to work very well with little breakage. Rarely have to whitelist something.

Comment Seems to require systemd, actually (Score 1) 274

You might be closer to the truth than you think. I was about to install snapcraft's ebuilds for Gentoo (snap-confine and snapd) but then noticed the systemctl calls and unit files. Adding insult to injury, they didn't bother to list systemd as a dependency. Hopefully there's not a real dependency on systemd and it's just a matter of writing init scripts, but in the meantime, thanks but no thanks.

Comment Working magnet links (Score 1) 116

working magnet links

That's by definition. A magnet link is hash of the data, in this case a torrent file, not the file itself. TPB switched to magnet for new torrents in 2012 to save space and increase resiliency. Furthermore, torrent clients search for data in the DHT/PEX swarm instead of relying on trackers. TPB shut down its own tracker in 2009.

In short, The Pirate Bay will live on for as long as its users want it to.

Comment Re:systemd needs to stay optional (Score 3, Informative) 928

Not to mention seamless upgrades between versions, and even mixing/matching packages from different archs for advanced setups. Freely up/downgrading stuff with DEB-based distros is a bliss. When I learned that RHEL historically didn't even support upgrades between major stable versions I was awestruck (they seem to have made improvements for this in 7, good for them...)

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