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Submission + - What level of control over privacy do you look for (

thzinc writes: "With all of the privacy-related reports on social networking in the news lately, it seems that the issue of privacy is becoming more important to people. People are asking questions and demanding options for privacy. Governments are defining policy--good or bad--for social networks, as well as funding multi-million dollar research projects to find out what privacy means to different people. Just recently, there was an AskSlashdot article regarding Security/Privacy Advice when using social networks. It is obvious that there are a lot of people trying to deal with privacy in a variety of ways.

I work with a company who is also trying to address the privacy issue with a new privacy-oriented social network: WeOurFamily. While Facebook and MySpace find their money from investors and advertisers, who both have agendas on mining information, WeOurFamily operates on a subscription basis without any advertisers, and without a motive to mine data from its users.

My question to the Slashdot community is this: What level of control over privacy do you look for in a social network? Do you consider the company and business models when evaluating your privacy options?"

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