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Comment human resources (Score 1) 202

Belgium simply doesn't have enough manpower to monitor all potential jihadists. It has the largest number of muslim citizens to go fight in Syria per capita out there. I imagine you could automate most of the monitoring of chats etc online, but when you need to monitor group audio sessions with dozens of participants in a pool of maybe millions of gamers. How do you manage something like that ?

Comment VERY CRUDE TREATMENT (Score 1) 49

I'm not convinced there's any real progress here, I actually thought most of these implants were closed-loop already. However this still seems VERY crude ! What's going on here is that they're detecting patterns that are empirically determined to trigger an onset of an attack, and then just blast some indiscriminate region of the brain with electric pulses of which the parameters are also determined empirically .. Ok, it's a good progress for people that really need it, and for whom there are no alternatives, but it also shows how primitive this technology still is, and how little we still know about signalling in the brain.

Comment Re:SDR? (Score 1) 71

RTLSDR has pisspoor dynamic range (8 bit ADC), sure you can do some triangulation, but it will be very inaccurate & unreliable. Also current generation technology has a bandwidth of ~10MHz, RTLSDR can only do about ~3MHz max. (example of triangulating a VHF signal here : There's plenty of cheap SDR projects out there nowadays, much, much better than the RTLSDR. And if you're serious, really advanced hardware will only set you back a few thousand $$$. (

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