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Comment I think the Ph.D. means "affect", not "effect" (Score 1) 389

"By contrast, if the hypothalamus is impacted testosterone and estrogen levels may significantly decrease or increase, all of which would effect sexual and reproductive success."

Sexual and reproductive success will be brought about by significant changes in testosterone and estrogen levels.

"Damage to sperm can result in infertility or effect the sex ratio of offspring."

There would be no sex ratio of offspring at all without sperm damage.

"alterations and reductions in testosterone levels can effect the sexual orientation"

Offspring would be asexual were it not for alterations and reductions in testosterone levels.

"Reductions in testosterone would effect male sexual functioning and fertility"


"Stress will effect fertility in women"

So if you're trying to conceive, stage a wedding disaster.

"Therefore, it can be predicted normal fetal development (Joseph 2000c), would be effected by reduced gravity (Ma et al., 2008; Ronca 2003)."

So that's why all our kids are messed up down here.

"It is now well established that cellular structure, morphology, and genetic expression may be abnormally effected in microgravity and that the cytoskeleton and microtubules are gravity sensitive and may be grossly altered (Crawford-Young 2006; Ma et al., 2008; Ronca 2003)."

OK, you got lucky with that one because it makes sense both ways.

"Microgravity has a significant impact on both cell shape and cytoskeleton (Crawford-Young 2006). Cells show signs of changes in the nucleus and in cell shape, and cells which form layers become disorganized, such that the layers do not develop normally. This would include the brain, the outer coating of which consists of 6 layers, and effect the embroyonic neural tube which is also layered and becomes the brain (Joseph 1982, 1999a, 2000c)."

I think that says ultimately the brain is brought about by microgravity.

"Prolonged and chronic stress would effect the mother, fetus, infant and child"

Exactly when do they appear out of nowhere?

"However, it is not just the human female on Mars, but the fertility of the men which may be effected by radiation."

That's a lot to bring about, but I think radiation is up to the challenge.

"Sperm production can be profoundly reduced and effected by radiation"

Brought about, reduced, brought about, reduced, ... hey, men don't need radiation for that.

Comment Re:uh, it isn't that clever (Score 1) 602

Now try that with a live audio feed. What would you use for the profile? Perhaps a crowd mic mix, but then your profile includes ALL of the crowd sounds and not just the horns, so you'd end up removing the desirable sounds as well and the rest would sound like a small section of burbly aliens.

But I don't agree with the notch filter approach either. Natural sounds aren't confined to individual notches of frequencies, so you can't expect to "notch out" the sound of these horns any more effectively than you could remove a tree from an image by erasing all pixels that have a specific green hue.

Comment How much of all these numbers are practical ? (Score 1) 273

How do these numbers help me choose a browser ? When on any test - speed or memory - most browsers performed differently on different benchmarks from the same category ? I wish they also explained whether being second in a particular memory test is that bad. Besides, I use a lot of extensions in Mozilla that blocks flash, adblocks etc, how do those affect memory consumption and speed ? I wish there was some more details about these results, especially how the numbers translate to daily use.

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