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Submission + - System Administrator vs Change Advisory Board 1

thundergeek writes: I am the sole sysadmin for nearly 50 servers (win/linux) across several contracts. Now a Change Advisory Board (CAB) is wanting to manage every patch that will be installed on the OS and approve/disapprove for testing on the development network. Once tested and verified, all changes will then need to be approved for production.

Windows servers aren't always the best for informing admin exactly what is being "patched" on the OS, and the frequency of updates will make my efficiency take a nose dive. Now I'll have to track each KB, RHSA, directives and any other 3rd party updates, submit a lengthy report outlining each patch being applied, and then sit back and wait for approval.

What should I use/do to track what I will be installing? Is there already a product out there that will make my life a little less stressful on the admin side? Does anyone else have to go toe-to-toe with a CAB? How do you handle your patch approval process?

Comment Re:I don't know how to feel about this. (Score 1) 1143

I lived in North Pole, AK for the past 18 years and I have burned wood every year. The pollutants caused by burning wood is far less than that of the pollutants caused by refining oil into the precious fuel they want us to burn which adds even more pollutants into the air. They only measure the part we burn, not the part they burn. The EPA fails to take into account the amount of energy lost in the creation of the fuel source. If you take into consideration the growth of the tree, which creates oxygen, then wood is the ultimate "GREEN" energy source as it is both renewable and abundant. It requires no refining to grow, no refining to cut down, and no refining to haul into the house, unless you use optional power tools. And besides, we Alaskans should be used to burning wood, we get forest fires in the summer, and wood stove fires in the winter. With EPA's new self made law, then forest fires are now illegal. Yet the EPA also requires that forest fires which do not endanger property or life must be allowed to burn. The EPA needs to go away. They haven't done the job they were created to do since the 70's.

Comment Lazy (Score 1) 867

We walk to our mailboxes at -30 here in North Pole, Alaska. I guess I've been up here so long I forgot that mailmen used to actually come to the door! Now that I think about it, as a kid we used to have snowball fights with the mail main when he came by. He loved it! And he had good aim.

Comment Anyone try animating? (Score 3, Interesting) 32

I wonder what the outcome would be if you made a video showing the quakes in chronological order. Would a pattern emerge? What if you compared that data to historical data of solar cycles? Like the video a guy made of all the nuclear bombs that have been tested/deployed. Or the recording of aircraft across the globe. Patterns are there. Just a thought.

Comment In other news... (Score 0) 583

All NFL teams will be required to share their entire playbook prior to the game and must request permission from the defense to execute a play. What part of national secrets does this guy not get? To be against government is one thing, but to literally tell our enemies what we do? DUMB!

Submission + - slashdot fucks up a site that's been fine for years (

An anonymous reader writes: Go to slashdot to see how they fucked up a long-standing tech site by screwing over people who don't care to log in to read some stories during the workday. When they stop this bullshit, someone please post it to Fark or Reddit so I can come back without the gibberish garbage.

Submission + - What is Your Dual Boot Partition Strategy?

An anonymous reader writes: In the coming weeks, I am going to receive a new laptop to use for graduate school this fall. Since SSDs are slightly too expensive and usually too small for my liking, I have opted for a single 500 GB hard drive. On this hard drive, I plan to dual-boot Slackware Linux and Windows 7. In the past, I had a tendency to size each partition in a 1:1 ratio, but I occasionally find one partition filling up faster. How does the Slashdot community usually allocate partitions when dual booting? What is your strategy to ensure that neither partition fills up faster and that neither operating system has to resort to accessing the other partition?

Submission + - Maglite Pneumatic Spy Weapon (

An anonymous reader writes: This innocent looking Maglite looks like something out of a James Bond movie, it houses a piston and barrel, making it into a functional pneumatic BB gun. A Maglite was chosen due to its high durability, and easy access to the internals. A schrader valve sticks out of the battery cap, which allows the gun to be charged using a standard fitting. A brass tube is used as the barrel, and a piston controls firing. The results are fairly impressive. Using a chronograph, the speed of the BB was measured at 850 feet per second.

Submission + - CERN Gives Away Higgs Boson Particles To 10 Lucky Winners (

redletterdave writes: In an unprecedented move sure to shake up the world of particle physics, CERN announced on Monday that it will give away its newly-discovered Higgs boson particles in a lottery. But given the rarity of Higgs boson particles – only one particle is created out of one million million collisions – CERN will only be able to reward 10 lucky winners. 'At CERN, we have always believed in sharing the results of our research, and the time has come to make that tangible,' said CERN director of research Sergio Bertolucci. 'This is our way of saying thanks for the incredible level of enthusiasm that has greeted this discovery.'

So Amazing, So Illegal 492

Jamie gave me a nice writeup of a mashup where the writer shares some random youtube mashup video that you maybe have seen before called the Mother of all Funk Chords. It's a pretty amazing artistic achievement and probably worth at least a quick glance of your time. But the larger point should be taken seriously. He says "If your reaction to this crate of magic is 'Hm. I wonder how we'd go about suing someone who "did this" with our IP?' instead of, 'Holy crap, clearly, this is the freaking future of entertainment,' it's probably time to put some ramen on your Visa and start making stuff up for your LinkedIn page. Because, this is what your new Elvis looks like."

Comment 25 computers (Score 1) 474

We do this every year at our New Years Eve All Nighter. Last year I set up 25 computers, 12 on 12 with one server, and we played Unreal Tourney.

Every kid there, whether they came for the game or not, eventually played for a while, and loved it! The server was set up with a projector so people could watch out there and there was no shoulder surfing. One team captain had voice to his team, as well as teamspeak to the other captain as well as the server operator! It rocked!

It really doesn't matter what you use to "witness" to someone. What matters is the follow up. If no one walked away with a better sense of how God loves them, then it was a waste of time. By using video games to witness, you are telling them that God cares about them, and that the church isn't all about hymns only and singing scripture! It is about personal relationships. I wouldn't expect anyone to respond to me if I tell them that what they do doesn't matter.

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