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Journal Journal: I suppose I should update this

I still have the T-bird that I get my name from, though it's now an old POS and I drive my Dodge Dakota a fair bit. Now I do design work for a certain compact construction equipment manufacturer in North Dakota. Woo hoo.

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Journal Journal: "thunderbird46"?

I go as "thunderbird46" because my car's a 1996 Thunderbird with a 4.6L engine. I love RWD, V8 powered, large 2-door cars. My dream car would probably be something like a late 60's Pontiac GTO or a Mercury Cougar "Eliminator".

My real name is Patrick Tschetter, and I'm an agricultural engineering student at South Dakota State University. Ag engineering is engineering applied to a diverse range of engineering issues in agriculture. Ag engineers might do anything from designing farm tractors and machines to designing buildings or drainage systems.

So anyway... what's a weirdo like me doing on /. Well I'm a computer geek too, with a few Apples (iBook 700 MHz combo drive 12.1" model, an old beige G3, and a Power Macintosh 8500) and a 3.5 year old P3/450 Dell in my apartment's bedroom at the moment. With all the machines except for the 8500 running, the bedroom stays adequately warm without running the heater, in eastern South Dakota, in winter! The two newer Macs have OS X, and the G3 also has OS 9 and Linux. The 8500 has Linux only, and the Dell is also Linux only. Debian Linux is my distribution of choice and that is what is on all my Linux-running machines. I also have a Performa 6115CD (same thing as a Power Macintosh 6100) at home that is running Debian, thanks to the hard work of people like those you'll find at The nubus-powermac linux kernel place.

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