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Comment Re:How do they ban it on privately owned phones? (Score 1) 70

Well, guess what. If you stop BYOD, and people have their private phones, they can use those to call each other, too. Completely unregulated! (Not completely unrecorded, of course.)

At the end of the day, you need people to do the right thing, and technology can help, but it does not solve the problem.

Comment Re:I'm not sure this will be surprising to anyone (Score 2) 174

Why is everybody calling it "local" law? A local law would be "no walking on this lawn", or "no parking on the pavement in this village". However, this is federal law in China, law that governs more than a Billion people, about 1/6 of the world population.

Comment Re:not loyalty (Score 2) 191

> If the iPhone doesn't give you what you want, you're stuck.

Except you are not: diversity has always been the defining feature of Android, so you can find pretty much anything you like. (Unless you are looking for years of support, in which case custom ROMs or Apple are indeed the only option.)

Comment Re:All USB-C is much nicer going forward (Score 1) 212

USB-C is a good choice for many things: charging (not as good as MagSafe, but more compatible), connecting a screen (VGA is getting old) etc. And having more than one is great for flexibility.

But: USB-A is a well established universal connector, and it will not go away for at least a decade. Pretty much every PC accessory has a USB connector, and not having a USB-A host slot is a serious inconvenience.

Comment Re:Public Folders (Score 1) 158

> Depending on a third party rarely works.

So you have your own internet, build your on PC from pieces of rock, and probably your own automobile, too?

Of course we depend on third parties, modern life is absolutely unthinkable without. And that includes services, some of which are quite stable, but cloud hosting does not seem to be one of them.

Comment Re:It most CERTAINLY IS Mediatek! (Score 1) 60

Exactly this. They have been caught in questionable dealing way to often: violating the GPU, preventing updates that a technically perfectly possible, dealing with developers who install malware ... they certainly have a track record that should make you very worried.

This is not to say that everybody else is doing great work, but with MediaTek you can be quite certain to be screwed one way and/or another.

Comment Re: Sack of salt (Score 1) 103

I have a 4k TV as a PC screen, too, and I can see every single pixel. So clearly for this application, 8k would be a massive benefit, and even higher resolutions may still show a better image.

Of course the same does not apply to typical TV use, where even 4k is beyond what most people can really appreciate.

Comment Re:bing (Score 1) 113

Maybe, but for me the main problem with Microsoft is that Edge is a decent render engine, but more a demo than a complete browser. They released it too early, before it was ready. Edge is slowly becoming a competitive browser, but in the mean time people are changing to Chrome.

Comment Re:They need a big success (Score 1) 39

I do wonder why people buy Samsung. I got a used one for cheap, and I admit that the hardware is very nice, but the software is just terrible, and also terribly out of date. It was a flagship phone, it cost an insane amount of money new, and it was only supported for just over a year from launch. I am pretty sure it was still being sold when it was already out of support.

So clearly Samsung is not looking after the customer, that should be perfectly obvious from every single phone they make. Why do people still buy them?

Comment Re:We know better than you (Score 5, Insightful) 675

That is nearly accurate, except that *every* professional would appreciate a USB port and a Gigabit Ethernet port. They may not always use them, but they are just essential for a lot of different jobs. On the SD card I half agree: I like it, I use it a lot, but it is getting less common.

Of course the elephant in the room is that both USB port and SD port can be used for (cheap) storage extensions. And Apple absolutely wants to prevent that. So I think that is the real reason: form and money over function.

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